Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Vescell #1-5

There's spirit and soul transference, testing the limitations and pushing boundaries of supernatural and scientific realms...and simply, it's too convoluted and discombobulated a story with no strict cohesiveness. The roster is too large and the cast is not handled well by writer, Enrique Carrion, as things jump about too much when something stationary would be better advised. It's muddled at times amid all the sex, debauchery and profanity...and yes, it pushes sexual tones to the limit...NC-17 to me. It gets a bit too gross and still, it meanders with all the entwining arcs.

The character interactions aren't all that well played out. The dialogue seems too robotic and mundane with a function for sex and shooting seemingly failing to oversimplify the issues. It's inexplicable how chock full of WTFs there are in this title, but what's exemplified here is too much shock value rather than a plot with spine. There's too much going on and it's an awful read at times. Upchurch's art is decent and glossy, but his covers are better than his interiors which sometimes trend off Elephantmen, but that aside, the art couldn't save a story that's too mucked up and wayward at times.

It isn't that exciting despite sins galore and the lead's pretty dull to me. It's a book about sex and curves, and I see Enrique straying on the plot, and not finding his way back. I don't see redemption here at all. I'm done with this. Disappointing.

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