Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Conan: Road of Kings #12

What couldn’t be more perfect than Conan being written by Roy Thomas?  And in this comic, he shows that he still got it...especially when it concerns everyone's favourite Cimmerian.  It follows Conan's captivity and trial in the city of Mesanita, The capital of Argos.  I can describe that the story is a little bit formulaic, and you can just about predict what is going to happen, but still, its very enjoyable none the less.

In fact, however odd it may seem, it actually reminded me a bit of the old Dragon Ball cartoon.

  In which young Gokou gets himself in a mess, but you know that he’s never in any real danger because the enemy underestimated his capabilities.  That's the plot in a nutshell actually.  And Conan is in very fine form whenever he's in the midst of dispensing violence...and this issue did not skimp on that!  The art is rather cartoony for a Conan book but still great, I would say.  It's just that, with the subject matter, you'd think they'd get someone a little Barry Windsor Smith-ish.  More on the grim and gritty side.  But like I said though, Mike Hawthorne still delivers.  The art is pretty to look at and easily understood.  Just a minor quibble with consistency though, specifically that scene where Conan was supposed to be STILL in chains.

All in all, a nice send off for Thomas as this is his final issue for the moment. It will immediately lead into the next series where Conan will have to deal with a very interesting antagonist....

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