Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Memorial #1-2

Schrodinger and Em find themselves in a tale of Neil Gaiman meets Wizard of Oz meets Alice in Wonderland as Chris Roberson takes his spin on the fantasy genre into overdrive. It’s a fantastic tale of tangible imagination with fables and fairytales glossed over into a seamless yet quippy story of Em, hunted for a key she possesses while experiencing a vast belt of new worlds. The villains and deceit of this story are polished as the tyranny and maniacal intent of those seeking the key are kept hush for now, adding to a quiet hysteria and eerie vibe here. Mistrust sinks in as the protagonist finds herself on the lam with little associates to trust, and when she does, it seems it could prove her


Roberson is yet to show his hand and this kind of mystery, coupled with some enigmatic yet enthralling art from Rich Ellis, offer a bubbly yet humanly intriguing ride. It’s lovely how the story is done with a prose manner and Roberson’s flow is seamless as he has the reader sympathize for Em, yet want her to plunge further into dark waters because of the territorial yet human instinct called curiosity. This killed the cat ironically but here the ebb and flow story-wise is a natural feel of astonishing fun with some wary warning signs along the way. With a lot left to be learnt and the star duo tossed into some myriad of limbo, the manner and direction in which the book is steeped is well paved with mysterious intent and a satisfaction to the viewer that the story isn’t about to let up anytime soon. (8/10)

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