Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Orchid #1-4

Tom Morello has always been a favorite musician of mine and the worlds/animals crafted here in this dystopian wilderness really stand out under the art team of Hepburn/Jackson. They alter the feel of the book so well and the art is near flawless and intriguing. The story catches and piques interest a lot with its glamorous lattice of romance embedded in a tale of repression, technological disaster, natural evolution and in a world where only the strong will survive. It adds an endearing feel amid Jackson/Hepburn's immaculate art.

Much like Tom's music, it's an exhilarating and mind provoking read on society, downfall, reprisal, rebellion and civilization's advancement, whether it be an ascension or depression. With Simon and Orchid tossed into this snowball on the run by fate, there’s a lot of loss as they trudge on amid an imperial rule and grounded fist. Opal adds compassion to a tale where these select few are wandering as a rebellion circulates akin to Star Wars to overthrow a cruel leader. The disintegration of the world under a thunderous deluge offers a brand new world filled with peril and the degradation of spiritual and religious sanctity is well etched into modern concepts of prostitution, animal abuse, smuggling and slavery. This book has everything for all genres as Morello sparks a world receding into relics and distinct caverns of hopelessness. The female and male lead have an unspoken camaraderie that never is able to rest on its laurels with constant tragic pins striking at their core when all that’s desired is escape and sustenance.

There’s a hunter introduced in issue 4 that stonewalls the wildly eccentric feel to this book and rejuvenates a spin on mutants in society. It’s decadence crowded out with a struggle to survive. Man’s distinct jab at the never-ending instinct to live comes full fledged. It’s palpable a story and undiluted in its amazing glory as General China’s history is aptly revealed. Tom has an aptitude for unique stuff. I loved this more than anything I read for sometime. It’s a dime. (10/10)

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