Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Brilliant #1-2

Bagley and Bendis usually put out dynamite stuff. Here they don’t give that spectacular sheen I’m accustomed to but these issues are full of teen drama and a lot of altruistic motives by a protagonist who seems unaware to the world he has found himself in. It’s akin to their USM stuff as Albert returns to school to find his friends supposedly discovering the scientific secret to superpowers and what ensues is quite riveting and full of flair, and murderous intent. There’s a sinister egg in their group and while appealing to the teen genre, I think 2 issues barely scratched the surface on the seed of the powers, and focused more on character building.

This book is one that should concentrate on the main point of the powers more. It takes too long to get to certain points and the end pages of both issues somewhat fall flat. It isn’t a bad read but nothing out of the ordinary. I’m still reeled in as I see this as something made for TV/ FILM and I think Bendis still has an ace up his sleeve, and I hope the pace picks up soon. (6.5/10)

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