Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet!

Buffy Season 9 Trailer

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CBNAH is on iTunes! here’s the link. You can also find the podcasts over on Blip.TV and right here on the site!

Flashpoint 5 Review

Geoff Johns takes us on a thrilling finale where it boils down to a paradoxical reveal of epic proportions. Eobard Thawne takes full rage in his actions as Johns shows the ire and outright hatred he has for Barry Allen. Johns breaks down the alternate timelines and why Flashpoint is as key a factor to DCU as he embarked upon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 2

Pasted Graphic
We start with the nova force ripping a hole in space, escaping the final demise of the fault. A power of that magnitude can't just die
with Richard Rider. It's irresponsible and the universe needs it. One catch: This time it decides it will latch on to someone with great strength and spirit. Enter Hercules. the power finds him and he becomes the new Nova Prime. The world mind this time seems to be dormant.

Justice league 1 Review

The highly debated renewal has arrived. JLA #1 fell into my lap and the digital age is one I render secret...but all that hish-hash aside...Jim Lee's art has exponentially improved since his already impressive days of X-MEN and Hush. Scott Williams does a grand job on the inks, and bar a disappointing Finch variant, all starts off well as the book is a dark and gritty pleasure to read.

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Skottie Young Webcomic

Skottie Young and Scott Morse have just started a new twice weekly web comic! check it out here! tell us what you think here!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Literary Worth of Comics

The debate about whether or not comics are a form of literature has raged on since the early 80’s, and a key component in the debate is trying to build criteria for literary worth. This is, in my opinion, a fruitless endeavour. Literary worth is purely subjective and determined not by criteria, but by personal importance. The academic perception of literary worth is very different, and it’s this academic perception that I wish to discuss. It generally takes three elements into account when attempting to determine worth in storytelling mediums.

Batman Reboot - Post Nolan by Renaldo Matadeen

Nolan has begun weaving the final threads of his trilogy. It was a reboot that took a lot by surprise and had us wondering if this usually secretive lad could pull it off. After films such as ‘The Prestige and Memento’ he had my vote…more because of his brother’s rep as a clean-cut, imaginative, high concept writer.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brian Wood to Marvel

Marvel released a teaser at Fan Expo Canada indicating writer Brian Wood picking up work at marvel. This comes at a crossroads in Wood’s career, with Northlanders being canceled, and his apparent drop from the Supergirl book. It’s fairly clear DC don’t won’t him, which boggles my mind. If Marvel are smart, however, they can use him to great effect. Here’s how.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who are the Gold Team?

The Gold team are a bit harder to guess. Here’s what Oz thinks (click for a high res version):

What do you think? did we get it right?

Who are the Blue Team?

We’re pretty sure it’s these guys (click the image for a high res version):
blue team

Did we get it right?

Locke & Key Pilot Trailer

I just found this trailer for the Locke & Key Pilot over on YouTube:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Public Sevice Announcment: Don't Read Mutant X!

So a few weeks back, I got this whim to read the 1998 Mutant X series based on the urge for some early Tom Raney pencils. I was on a mutants binge so I figured hey, why the hell not? I love Havok and this should be entertaining. Oh dear baby Jeebus how wrong did I end up being..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wonder Man & The Revengers: Avengers YOU SUCK!!!

Chris Grisby posted this on the Facbook page a while ago - sorry Chris, 1 outta 8, buddy.

Oz, mentioned that Wonder Man would be forming his own anti-avengers soon. I put together a roster of people i think he'd gather: The Revengers
Wonder Man (duh)
Speedball- the guy has issues. and the avengers don't really want him around (or at least around the academy kids). why not take a crack at the people who use you as an example of how not to be a hero.
Sandman- say what you will about spider-man 3 but it really sold me on sandman. he was almost an avenger and recently saved new york from doc ock, so there is some good in him. wonder man could convince him the the avengers are doing more harm than good for regular people.
Madame Masque- a true villain but she has a new face (once scarred while fleeing iron man) and wants to lead a new life, but the avengers would never allow no more avengers...
Machine Man- thrown out of the avengers for something he couldn't control he's only to happy to take some shots at them, so long as wonder man's check clears...
Brother Voodoo- not THAT brother voodoo but his dead ghost brother, Daniel (the original brother voodoo). brother voodoo is dead and his already dead brother daniel blames the avengers. this one's an easy sell for wonder man.
Vision- during dark reign it was shown the original vision is still within Iron Lad. maybe a high dose of ionic energy radiation and reimprinting his brain pattern will bring vision back for good. but will he satisfied with the job they've done since he's been gone...
Scarlet Witch- with the vision back could the witch be far behind? Plus, they can finally kick off that threeway of vision/wonderman/scarletwitch. What? The vision has his brain, it's basically just masturbation for wondie...