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Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 2

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We start with the nova force ripping a hole in space, escaping the final demise of the fault. A power of that magnitude can't just die
with Richard Rider. It's irresponsible and the universe needs it. One catch: This time it decides it will latch on to someone with great strength and spirit. Enter Hercules. the power finds him and he becomes the new Nova Prime. The world mind this time seems to be dormant.

First thing Herc does with this power is find Amadeus so they can go off adventuring again. Unfortunately, a group of nomads has followed this trail of majestic energy, hoping to find the person they thought would be attached to the power. That regiment? Namora, Gamora and Major Victory and they have not lost hope in finding Rich. Realizing that it's a big responsibility, Hercules and Amadeus decide to go along with them to further understand this Nova force.

Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Groot have started a business. They are now bounty hunters. With assistance from Bug and Jack Flag, they are successful. Finally, Rocky thinks to himself, it's time to live the good life.

Leaving Cosmo and his newly minted Annihilators (with the inclusion of Ronan's wife, Crystal of the Inhumans) to take care of business on Knowhere, the tele-k9 is joined by Mantis and Moondragon as personal assistants. Soon, a delegate from Titan shows up in the form of Star Fox.

He is ordered by the rulers of Titans to be their representative on the Annihilators team, but Cosmo makes it clear that he is not welcome to join their ranks. Star Fox insists that he will not be going anywhere to which Cosmo tells him that he is welcome to stay on as long as he stays away from Annihilator affairs. Star Fox, without any further struggle, agrees.

SO, with that and after a few issues of settling in we have our new squad of Guardians. With tactical assistance from Cosmo and Amadeus. the team is:

Star Fox
Major Victory

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At first, Rocket's crew is unwilling to rejoin their old friends on Knowhere, but a scuffle changes all that.

Story ideas:

- Amadeus Cho gets taken over by a symbiote. He manages to control it and becomes another fighter for the team.
- The betrayal of Moondragon. With her true love long dead, Moondragon becomes susceptible to evil forces. They eventually take over and she goes Dark Willow/Phoenix
- Guardians VS Annihilators fight (same time as Moondragon goes bad) that turns into everyone vs Moondragon fight.
- Star Fox's true agenda revealed (he was sent to watch over Moondragon)
- A time-related character shows up to fight the guardians to which only Namorita and Major Victory can stand up to since they are chronal anomalies to begin with. The solution costs the two their lives. Make way for Wraith and Super Skrull, two characters who I think should have made the Guardians first cut in the first place.
- The Nova Force, specifically the world mind, finally reawakens. it is revealed to be corrupted by the fault and almost kills Hercules. He falls illl to an unkown disease and the team must find a cure for him in the fault itself, which has mysteriously reapppeared, only more condensed. there, they find a senile Star Lord, hundreds of years older with a tribe of offspring and blood relatives under his heel. As the Guardians question the possibility of this, the Star Lords, in their primal insanity and violent tendencies, decide to make them their enemies and being to hunt them. They fight for their lives and Peter Quill, finally coming to his senses, sacrifices himself and generations of his family.

- After all this, it becomes too much for Rocket so he takes his crew and departs for good. Cosmo hunts them down (himself) to convince them that they can still do good and the sacrifices were well worth it...and the two fight it out, releasing LONG pent up hatred toward each other.

The chase itself has spanned so much space that the fight gets the attention of Blastaar, monarch of the negative zone, who captures the mini team, minus the two of them (rocket and cosmo). It's furry adventure time for the two in the negative zone as they work out their issues!

These stories can all take place in one year's time. If the Hercules title is still alive by then, it can kinda be a second Guardians monthly, while stilll pertaining to Hercules. If not, just make a new Nova title starring Herc (the intial Nova) and the guardians.

Now, give me money Marvel!

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