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No normal(man) Interview With Jim Valentino..!

Jim Valentino has been apart of the comics industry since the late 1970s.  He started off doing self-published work and various projects for small press. His big break came in 1983, when normalman first appeared in the pages of Cerebus as a back-up story, and then was launched as a limited series (Don't forget to pick up the trade He would later do freelancer work at both Marvel and DC in the late 1980s. In 1990, Valentino wrote and drew the first two plus years of the Guardians of the Galaxy series at Marvel (You can pre-Order the first volume of his run Co-founded Image Comics in 1992, created ShadowHawk and the Shadowline subsidiary, which is the home to a great line of various comics like Morning Glories, Cowboy Ninja Viking and many more.

CBNAH: Jim, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I want to start at the beginning. What comic or event made you want to be an artist?

Jim Valentino: To quote my old friend, Keith Giffen, "You act as if I had a choice." I began drawing and telling stories by age two. My father read comics in World War II. When he realized I was drawing in a comic style, he brought comics home to me. So, to answer the question, the medium itself made me want to be an artist. For me, comics were what most people describe as a religious experience--a bolt from on high.

CBNAH: Who were some of your influences growing up? 

Jim Valentino: Too many to name/list. In comics I would have to cite Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Curt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, Gil Kane, John Broome, Stan Lee and a bunch more--then there were influences from books, television, animation, etc.

CBNAH: I first came across your work while you were on Guardians of the Galaxy title around '91. What's your overall thoughts on your Guardians run?  

Jim Valentino: Loved it. Had an absolute blast with the series.

CBNAH: Can you tell us the genesis behind the creation of ShadowHawk?

Jim Valentino: ShadowHawk was a direct response to Batman always letting the Joker go to kill again. Only in comics can heroes not kill, which is, patently ridiculous. Every other hero in real life, literature or movies, kills. Every. Single. One. Except comics. So, I figure, okay--if super-heroes can't kill, he'll maim. And if the Joker were ShadowHawk's enemy, he would never kill again.

CBNAH: Cowboy Ninja Viking is one of my favorite titles from Shadowline. Are there any plans for AJ (Lieberman) and Riley (Rossmo) to do more stories in that world?

Jim Valentino: They are doing something new for the deluxe hardcover that's due out shortly. Other than that, I can't say. You'd have to ask them. At Shadowline and at Image, we do not tell our creators what they have to do--they tell us what they want to do.

CBNAH: Peter Panzerfaust has been a surprise hit and is gaining a lot of positive feedback from the fans. Our staff members really enjoy the book. What's in store for the title in the coming months?

Jim Valentino: Again, you really should be asking that of the creators of the series, Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins.

CBNAH: Are there any titles from Shadowline that have floated under the radar that readers should check out? 

Jim Valentino: I would say all of them off the top of my head, but since you ask; A DISTANT SOIL--Colleen Doran is finally finishing her magnum opus science fiction story under our banner. We are creating new, re-edited definitive versions of the original trades and publishing brand new chapters of the story until it reaches it's end. MINIATURE JESUS is the latest bit of insane brilliance from Ted McKeever. It's about Jesus being resurrected in one of those 8 inch plastic figures you see hanging from crosses. If that doesn't either entertain you or horrify you, I don't know what will! FIVE WEAPONS is the latest hit from Jimmie Robinson and, I think, his best work yet. It's about a school that trains assassins...and what happens when a brilliant pacifist enrolls. LOVE STORIES TO DIE FOR is a flip book from Dirk Manning and friends. Two complete comics in one--and both of them are great stories. And finally, RAT QUEENS, which if you don't pre-order you WILL be sorry. It's unquestionably our next big hit and it's from Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. You've been warned.

CBNAH: Where do you see digital comics in the next few years? 

Jim Valentino: Pretty much where I see them now; as a viable delivery service for the fans and a lucrative revenue stream for publishers and creators. Unlike what some people think, digital comics are actually increasing sales of printed books and the reason is simple--digital comics are cheaper than printed books--therefore it's easy to sample something you may have heard about without a huge financial outlay. I would expect it to continue in that direction for some time to come.

CBNAH: Lastly, any advice for upcoming writers and artists?

Jim Valentino: Run! My advice is learn your craft--ask yourself if you're as good as the best, not as good as the worst. Are your ideas original? Are they well executed? Are you a self-starter? Can you take rejection, disappointment and the ups and downs--financially and emotionally--of the creative life? Do you, as noted in my first response, have no choice but to do this? If so, I wish you only success. If not, well, there's always Sears.

CBNAH: Thank you, for your time.

Jim Valentino: Thank you.

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CBNAH Interviews "Mane" Man, David Steward II, of Lion Forge Comics...

Lion Forge Comics made some huge waves early this summer with the partnership with NBCUniversal. Which Lion Forge will be producing digital comics based on classic NBC shows like Airwolf and Miami Vice. Also, building up a strong core of IP titles like The Joshua Run and The Catalyst Prime. CBNAH caught up with David Steward II, founder and CEO, Lion Forge Comics to discuss SDCC, The NBCUniversal deal, and more.

CBNAH: For people who are unfamiliar with Lion Forge Comics can you give us a brief history of the company?

David Steward II: Lion Forge has been around since 2011, but weve been lurking in the background were all big comics fans, but there are a lot of steps in between reading comics and making comics, so we wanted to be sure we were doing things right before rolling out our line in 2013.

CBNAH: How was Lion Forge Comics first year at SDCC and the Fall Lineup Panel?

David Steward II: This past SDCC was actually our 3rd time at the event. As I mentioned, there was a bit of a learning curve to get where we are now, so we spent our first two San Diego Cons meeting with different comics people and getting to know some great creators, including Brandon Easton, Joelle Sellner and Joe Phillips.

This past SDCC was definitely like no other! Our Fall Lineup panel was the first time we had to interact with all the great fans who attend the show. We launched Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier at the show, and got to surprise our panel audience with a personal Rampage appearance. We previewed our new original comics Wonderous: The Adventures of Claire Sinclair and The Joshua Run, had an awesome preview trailer out for our NBC titles, and had a blast. Theres so much work that goes into these comics, its sometimes hard to see the bigger picture the readers that were making them for so being able to have those fans in the audience, to hear when they laughed or applauded, and to see what they were really reacting to and what was engaging them was not only a lot of fun for us, but a great chance to learn some things we really couldnt learn any other way.

CBNAH: Before SDCC, your company made headlines when your company reached a deal with NBCUniversal to produce digital comics based on several of their television properties. How did this deal come to be and what was the internal reaction from the company?   

David Steward II: The NBCUniversal deal was something we actively pursued with more people picking up digital comics, and growing numbers of different types of readers with different interests, we saw the opportunity to pick up some properties that may not have worked in print only. And when we saw some of the titles NBC had to offer, which we all remembered and loved in our younger days, we saw a chance to bring some beloved characters back to life in ways that werent possible before digital comics started taking hold.

What are some of the titles and the creators attach to those titles?

David Steward II: Lion Forge will write, develop and publish digital comics based on the iconic shows, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell.
o Joelle Sellner (Teen Titans, Ben 10, The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Jackie Chan Adventures, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi) Writing Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell
o Jonathan London (Geekscape) Writing Miami Vice
o Geoffrey Thorne (Leverage, Ben 10) Writing Knight Rider
o David Gorden (Catalyst Prime: Accel and Catalyst Prime: Quincredible) Writing Airwolf

o Carl Reed (Lion Forge) Art for Miami Vice
o Lorenzo Lizana Art for Knight Rider
o Jason Johnson (Wetworks, Godstorm) Art for Airwolf
o Chynna Clugston Art for Saved by the Bell
o Lesley Vamos Art for Punky Brewster

Outside of the NBCUniversal deal, youre working with Claire Sinclair and Rampage Jackson. What's it like to work with them and do they have any input to the comics?

David Steward II: Bringing a Playmate of the Year and an MMA fighter into the comic book world is definitely an interesting achievement for us. They both were great to work with and have been fans for comics since they were kids. Were also working with actor/comedian Flex Alexander on The Joshua Run. Each person had a lot of creative input that we capture in developing the books.

Can you give us an insight about the Catalyst Prime Series?

David Steward II: The Catalyst Prime series focuses on a group of adults and children who, after experiencing a cosmic event, develop superhuman abilities. The series explores how each of these individuals uses their powers, whether for good or evil.

The Joshua Run really caught my attention. Issue/chapter one came out about a month ago, when can people expect the next installment and how long will this series be?  

David Steward II: The Joshua Run is an 8-issue story arc that will run out on a monthly basis. With this title as well as Wonderous, there is also video content that goes with each issue that you can view on our YouTube page.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

David Steward II: Were just really grateful for all of the success and positive responses weve had so far! Keep checking out Lion Forge comics and keep an eye out for all the great things we have in store for the rest of the year. You can find us online at

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Oz's 2-Cent Reviews: Set to Love Music... Episode 5...

with apologies to Eugene Wilde...

Zenescope Under the Microscope, Interview with Stephen Haberman...

Within the last few years Zenescope Entertainment has been making a name for themselves the publishing world. Their flagship title Grimm Fairy Tales is approach issue #100 next year and the crowd funded pilot for the animated series is completed. Screwed and Oz Prequel are titles gaining a lot of positive feedback from fans and retailers. CBNAH caught up with Stephen Haberman, Marketing Manager of Zenescope Entertainment to chat about Grimm Fairy Tales, SDCC, Screwed and more.

CBNAH: For people who are unfamiliar with Zenescope entertainment can you tell us the genesis behind the company?

Stephen: Well, about 8 years ago, the co-founder Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco were trying to break into the entertainment business as screen writers. They were having trouble getting their scripts read and felt they could publish their own work, and then formed Zenescope Entertainment. Since its launch, Zenescope has been known for its horror twists on classic fairy tales.

CBNAH: How was SDCC this year for Zenescope and the feedback you got from visitors and fans?

Stephen: San Diego Comic Con was outstanding for Zenescope. When we have a presence at a convention, we make sure we are offering top notch exclusives, entertaining panels, and have friendly, informative staff at our booths. I felt we did exactly that.

The exclusives this year featured covers by artists Elias Chatzoudis, Eric EBAS Basaldua, Franchesco, Anthony Spay, Mike DeBalfo, and Mike Krome. We even brought Elias Chatzoudis (all the way from Greece) with us as a guest to his first Comic Con.

On top of that, we dedicated Saturday to the Grimm Fairy Tales Wounded Warriors Project Special issue. The whole staff was dressed in camo and promoting both the regular issue as well as a silent charity auction featuring the original cover artwork generously donated by the artists. The charity auction took place right at the booth, and we were able to raise over $1400 during the auction, which will all be going to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Grimm Fairy Tales

CBNAH: Grimm Fairy Tales is your flagship title. The Omnibus came out this summer and it's approaching issue #100 for next year. Will there be any plans to celebrate this milestone issue?

Stephen: Grimm Fairy Tales is the title that started it all, and Grimm Fairy Tales #100 is going to be epic. We will be making sure it is a moment that fans wont soon forget.

CBNAH: How was the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated panel at SDCC? Any new information coming out of the panel and what's it like working with Jon Schnepp?

Stephen: We showed off a good amount of behind the scenes footage which will be included on the DVD  Fans got to see the voice actors as they were working on various scenes, as well as see the talented animators from Titmouse at work.

Jon Schnepp is a great director, and has been able to bring his concepts to life almost effortlessly. He is also a blast to have around. You do have to be careful as he is a bit of a VINE addict, though.

Tyler Kirkham's 'Screwed'

CBNAH: I've been enjoying Tyler Kirkham's 'Screwed '. I know it's a mini, but are there plans in place for future minis?

Stephen: When it comes to future mini-series, a lot of it depends on how well the title performs in stores. We are an indie publisher, so we have to publish the titles that sell. Having said that, Screwed has been awesome, and the amount of enthusiasm Tyler has for his work makes Screwed an easy sell to everyone that sees it. Tyler is immensely talented, so we certainly do hope to do more with him.

CBNAH: Are there any titles that have floated under the radar that readers should check out?

Stephen: You know, there are a lot of titles over the course of a year that can go unnoticed. I would recommend that our fans check out our digital titles now being published on ComiXology. This year we are debuting a number of digital-first titles there, which will range from family-friendly adventures to dark comedy . There are only a few there now, but more titles are coming.

CBNAH: Any chance of using Kickstarter again for any future projects?

Stephen: At this point we are still working on completing the rewards fulfillment with our first Kickstarter, so it wont be soon, but crowd funding has definitely proved to be a great way to expand on our universe. Who knows, maybe even our web series Comic Company could see a crowd-funded second season. Only time will tell.


CBNAH: What does the future hold for Zenescope?

Stephen: We will have a bunch of new series coming, including Realm Knights, and No Tomorrow this month, Hit List in September, and more series soon to be announced. Next year will be the year of Grimm Fairy Tales #100, and not many indie comic book publishers have a book run that long, and be as strong as it is.

The other thing you can plan on, is that Zenescope will be hitting the road a lot next year. We will be looking to expand our convention presence even more so that we can meet our fans face to face, and thank them for being so good to us.

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The Further Reviewing Adventures From the Fantasia Film Festival..!

Fantasia Film Festival: The Battery by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

The Battery concentrates on two characters who barely know each other. They played in a small baseball team and never really hung out, this until the Zombies hatched. Afterwards they're compelled to be together, evermore.

The main character Ben ( Jeremy Gardner ) who wrote and directed the movie is the one taking care of business, chopping zombies, thinking of basic survival needs, basically doing all the dirty work.

Mickey ( Adam Cronheim ) the second character is basically useless. He is in complete denial, obnoxious and takes for granted his fellow friend. He basically acts like a brat. Overall their friendship resembles a sexist heterosexual couple, thus bringing some humour in this tense story line  There is a part in the movie where Ben brings a zombie from outside and into the room where Mickey is sleeping and closes the door. Mickey has never killed a zombie he left it all for Ben to do. This is Ben's brutal way of "Waking up " Mickey to reality. They have been on the road alone running away never settling down for over 3 months. This type of lifestyle is bound to affect someone’s sanity.

Finally, this psychological movie is not your typical hack slash zombie flick. It revolves around the friendship and how they have changed surviving with each other rather then surviving with the undead.

It is quite an interesting and refreshing twist on zombies. A movie damn worth watching!

Fantasia Film Festival: Magic Magic by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

Juno Temple stars as Alice she's on a trip to South America with her cousin Sarah (Emilie Browning) to a secluded ranch house with Sarah's boyfriend Augustine (Augustine Silva) and his friend Brink (Michael Cera).

From the very first scene you sense Alice is not at all comfortable with the people she is with. Sarah has to leave for two days to another city to complete a school exam and from that moment Augustine and Brink act and say things that are very awkward and make Alice feel very uncomfortable. She lacks sleeps feel tormented and soon enough falls into a psychological abyss. There is a scene where Augustine hypnotizes Alice and along with Brink they make her do some weird things. When Alice wakes up and realizes what has happen Augustine swears he doesn't know how to hypnotize people and Alice was faking the whole time. The whole one hour and 30 minutes you're never sure what to believe or who to believe.

Finally the overall film is dry and monotone. The plot never seems to thicken and Michael Cera adds a sprinkle of sadistic humour to the sauce, therefore without him the movie would be plain ol' boring.

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CBNAH Interacts with Jim Dietz and Shawn Pryor of Action Lab Comics...

Since it was founded in 2010, Action Lab Comics has been building a strong following with fans and critics. One of the first publishing companies to use Kickstarter to successful fund Fracture. Along the way company has released a great number of all-ages titles and created a mature imprint line called "Danger Zone". 2013 looks to be a huge breakout year for the company with Jamal Igle's MOLLY DANGER, Gayle Middleton's VAMPLETS and Jeremy Dale's Skyward gaining a lot of buzz and public interest from old to new comic readers. CBNAH caught up with Jim Dietz, PR Representative and Shawn Pryor, VP, Digital Media Coordinator/Project Management to chat about SDCC, Skyward, Danger Zone imprint and more.

CBNAH: Can you tell us a bit about the history of Action Lab Comics?

Jim: Action Lab began as, and still is, an amalgamation of writers, artists and other creatives who have banded together to, quite simply, help each other put out the best print and digital comics money can buy. Part mad science, part indie comics makers: that’s the best way to sum up what we do.
Shawn: Jim is correct; the core of Action Lab had spent years self publishing comics, and even collaborating with each other on various projects. It was after a convention in 2010 we all decided to combine our talents instead of struggling to do things on our own. We started a Kickstarter in late 2010 to create FRACTURE, a mini-series about a super hero, a super villain and an average man named Jeff who is the same guy intent on killing each other. In 2011 we began our journey in the Direct Market publishing comics and never looked back.

CBNAH: How was this year at SDCC for Action Lab Comics?

Shawn: It was the best year we've had to date. We were able to introduce a slew of new and upcoming series from both the Action Lab proper line as well as our mature readers imprint known as Action Lab: Danger Zone.

Jim: Not only were many of our talented writers and artists front and center to sign their works, but we also hosted a panel about the future of the company and debuted several SDCC variants and exclusives at the show, including some showcasing our newer titles like Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER, Gayle Middleton’s VAMPLETS and Jeremy Dale’s runaway hit SKYWARD.

Shawn: The amount of people that demanded VAMPLETS & MOLLY DANGER was astounding. Danger Zone books were constantly in demand all weekend and we were able to introduce new readers to books such as GHOST TOWN, EHMM THEORY, FINAL PLAGUE, NIGHT OF THE 80's UNDEAD, and many others. In fact the amount of requests from our fan base and new readers of Action Lab books for both our labels was strong. The team and the creators at the show were busy all weekend and seldom had time to breathe. That's a good thing. We also showcased a SDCC exclusive of the upcoming BO: PLUSHY GANGSTA from Action Lab: Danger Zone as well as THE GARLICKS, which I'm sure we'll be talking more about in our upcoming questions.

CBNAH: For people who missed your panel at SDCC what were some of the big announcements from the panel?

Jim: There were a ton of announcements at our panel, including the Encore Edition of Jeremy Whitley’s Eisner-nominated PRINCELESS priced at $1(!), the debut of Lea Hernandez’s “new all-ages vampire yarn” book THE GARLICKS and the October launch of Gayle Middleton’s VAMPLETS based on her very successful toy line of baby vampyres, monsters and mayhem!

But above and beyond all of those announcements, Action Lab announced the “Return of the Hero”, a launch of several titles that all take refreshing looks at the story convention of the “superhero”, kicking off with Jamal Igle’s critically-praised MOLLY DANGER, continuing through JACK HAMMER, about a former superhero turned PI who specializes in cases involving superpowers (think POWERS meets THE ROCKFORD FILES), the action-packed and powerful THE FIRST HERO and culminating in a new volume of stories from Action Lab’s very first direct market comic mini-series, FRACTURE.

Shawn: Also, for those that were not able to attend the panel at SDCC, you can now watch it on our YouTube page.

Here's the link to Part One:
And here's the link to Part Two:

This will give you the complete rundown on everything that Jim just talked to you about. Kevin Freeman (President of Action Lab), Jason Martin (President of Action Lab: Danger Zone) and Dave Dwonch (Creative Director of Action Lab) did a great job running the panel, and our creators were very open to talk about their projects.

CBNAH: Outside of SDCC what other cons will you guys be attending?

Shawn: Action Lab will have a presence at Baltimore Comic Con and Pittsburgh Comic Con in September, and we'll be running strong at New York Comic Con as well.

Jim: Don't forget that during the weekend of New York Comic Con that there are plans are in the works for a MOLLY DANGER launch party, and that there will be a party the weekend of Pittsburgh Comic Con spotlighting the return of FRACTURE, and we will be making more convention announcements on our social media feeds and on our website as plans become more concrete.

Shawn: There's always something going on in the lab.

CBNAH: Skyward has been getting a lot of buzz lately. What can you tell us about this title?

Shawn: I can say that SKYWARD is one of our most adventurous books to date. Jeremy Dale is a talent, and it shows on every single page of that comic. It's one of the better blends of Sci-Fi fantasy that I've seen in awhile, and I'm proud that Action Lab is publishing this book.

Jim: Indeed, SKYWARD has been a both a popular and critically-acclaimed book, so much so that we recently announced it as Action Lab’s first ongoing monthly title. In fact, the earlier issues of the series are becoming very scarce. The demand for this book is very high.

Starting with issue 3 of SKYWARD, we will be featuring alternate covers by some of the best artists in the business, including Stephanie Roux on issue 3, Mike Norton on issue 4 and Khary Randolph on issue 5, and future issues with artists such as Randy Green, and other talents such as Phil Noto, Todd Nauck and others in the future.

CBNAH: How has the Danger Zone imprint been doing and what are some of the stand out titles?

Shawn: It's doing quite well. Copies of THE FINAL PLAGUE, GHOST TOWN, and EHMM THEORY have sold out at the distribution level, and THE FINAL PLAGUE from JD Arnold and Tony Guaraldi-Brown continues to be a best seller for the Danger Zone label. EHMM THEORY from Brockton McKinney and Larkin Ford is possibly one of the best (and only) meta-mystery-journey comics out there, and GHOST TOWN by Dave Dwonch, Ryan Lindsay and Daniel J Logan, which deals with terrorists who weaponize a time machine is also a great read. THE FINAL PLAGUE turns the conventional virus/zombie comic on its ear, and is the best selling comic in the history of Danger Zone.

Jim: NIGHT OF THE 80’s UNDEAD from Jason Martin and Bill McKay is like watching a movie co-directed by John Hughes and George Romero, and I should mention a couple of upcoming digital-first releases I’d like to spotlight: SCUM OF THE EARTH, a grindhouse style Southern-fried ultra-violent romp and Mike Hunau's CRIMSON SOCIETY, the story of one of the last humans in a world ruled by supernatural beings.

Shawn: You can't talk about the Danger Zone without mentioning DOUBLE JUMPERS. Combine "Freaky Friday" with RPG gaming and raunchy humor in Las Vegas during a computer gaming expo/convention and you'll be laughing for days. Dave Dwonch is the ace of writing inappropriate humor for this comic and Bill Blankenship's art is astounding.

CBNAH: Are there any other titles that people should check out?

Jim: We have so much stuff going on and in the planning stages right now, but I guess the book I am most excited for people to read is Jamal Igle’s MOLLY DANGER. Jamal is single-handedly bringing fun back to comics with this book which has the free spirited anything-can-happen appeal of the best adventure stories mixed with a fresh take on the superhero story. And his art is just stunning. I think a lot of people are going to be impressed with what he has created. I know I am.

Shawn: Something I would recommend that people check out is ACTION LAB CONFIDENTIAL, which is a FREE digital sampler of some of our great works which we've published over the years. You can get it for FREE at ComiXology and other digital vendors. Also, take a look at the art book/storybook MONSTERS ARE JUST LIKE US by SuperUgly, Martheus Wade's action-packed ninja thriller JETTA: TALES OF THE TOSHIGAWA, Shawn Gabborin's horror-filled SNOWED IN and the pirate-noir filled PIRATE EYE by Joe Grahn and Carl Yonder.

CBNAH: Where do you see digital comics in the next few years?

Shawn: I see it as a continuing way to get readers the access they need to all forms of comics if they don't have a comic book retailer close to them. I also see digital changing the conventional forms and methods of storytelling as well. Another thing I see it doing now for readers, and hopefully even more in the future is pique interest in print versions at their local retailer. I've already seen in happen at my local shop, so both markets will end up supporting each other and not cutting one another off.

Jim: Digital is a huge focus for us at Action Lab. For example we not only have offered some of our biggest titles as digital-first exclusives we also have several new and exciting titles that will be making their debut in a digital format. We are very aware of how big a part of the future of the medium digital comics has the potential to be and we are always looking at new ways to use the advantages of the digital marketplace to our advantage.

CBNAH: What does the future holds for Action Lab Comics?

Jim: A lot more of what we have always been known for: a wide spectrum of comics that celebrate everything we love about the medium without being tied to the conventions of it. Our only real litmus test is quality, as a quick look through our catalog will show you. All of our books are very different but the one thing they all have in common is a standard of quality. We want people to know when they pick up any Action Lab or Action Lab: Danger Zone book that they will enjoy the experience and that they are getting some of the best comics out there. That’s the goal.

CBNAH: Is there anything you would like to say the fans who supported the company throughout the years?

Shawn: The entire team is thankful and humbled by all the support that Action Lab has had over the years in all of its endeavors. We take pride in being the Small Company with Big Ideas, and we pride ourselves in the diverse line of comics and original graphic novels that we publish every single month. We have some of the best readers and fans out there and in turn they spread the word of what we do every single day, and we continue to grow our readership every single month because of each and every one of them. Without them, there is no us, and we are forever thankful for that. I'm thankful.

Jim: We have nothing but the highest admiration and gratitude for our longtime fans and we are glad to have them along for what has been a wild ride that is only going to get wilder. Action Lab would be nothing more than an idea without the heartfelt and massive support of our fans. All I have to say to them and everyone else who is just discovering Action lab for the very first time, is that while things have been awesome so far, they are only going to get even better.

More of Oz's Fantasia Film Festival Reviews... (Chucky, Nuke'em, Hell Baby, Thanatomorphose)

Fantasia Film Festival: The Curse of Chucky Review by Oz

The bloodshed starts fast in this 6th installment of the Child’s Play saga. The film moves with haste and retains the creep factor the first 3 Chucky movies had. We're back to the horror element, this one's a suspenseful seat jumper. It still remains funny though, the difference being you are laughing with Chucky instead of at him. Clever visuals and twisted effects make this a pretty impressive movie for a straight to DVD release. There are a lot of special fx that caught my eye as well as a ton of references to the previous installments  There is even a romantic subplot that flips the cliche on its head. I saw the first Chucky movie at the age of 6. Now 31, the cycle of terror continues and I'd recommend this to any CHILD'S PLAY aficionado. 

Fantasia Film Festival: HELL BABY Review by Oz

A comedic horror that hits all the right spots. A pregnant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby. Wife (played by Leslie Bibb) steals the show, and Keegan Key is a delight. I love the comedy of KEY AND PEELE, so seeing Key on screen was a pleasure. Be warned, there is a lot of not subtle humour that's meant to gross you out. And a lot of straight guy gags at the expense of husband Jack played by Rob Corddry. HELL BABY made me laugh, it made me squirm and is one of my favourite FANTASIA submissions.

Fantasia Film Festival: TROMA'S Return to Nuke’Em High Volume 1 Review by Oz

What a disgusting fucking movie, we are greeted to our first scene with melty tits and dick. I laughed a lot at the start, especially with the subtitled scene of Lemmy as president. The movie lost me after it's first half but I must say, it keeps the Troma traditions of over-acting, sex driven characters, and low budget gross out factors. Disgusted, yet I still left with an erection.

Fantasia Film Festival: THANATOMORPHOSE by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

When I looked at the fantasia booklet the first movie that caught my eye was Thanatomorphose. Just the name meaning death transformation was very interesting to me. Followed by a picture of a women with white eyes and cover in blood. The film synopsis from the booklet mention that the movie is about a women who is rotting from the inside. I don't know why but the idea intrigued me so much.

For the first 30 minutes of the movie you follow this nameless woman (Kayden Rose) throughout her daily banal routine. It’s very boring to watch , but yet unsettling because you're expecting something to happen. She’s dating this man who mistreats her and uses her for sex and one day with no explanation and no reason whatsoever her METAMORPHOSIS commences.

The movies takes place in her apartment the whole time with no glimpse of the outside world. At one point of the beginning of her transformation she barricades all source of light with black garbage bags thus making her apartment dark. Leaving you with a great sense of claustrophobia making you feel like you're a trapped fly condemned to watch with anticipation and disgust her unavoidable rotting of the flesh. Just like watching a fruit rot on your kitchen counter.

There are two things very unsettling and uncomfortable about this movie from the exception of her decomposition. The fact that she’s completely non chalet of her slow disintegration. She's almost jaded of what is happening to her and there’s no monologue, so you don’t know what she is thinking or feeling the whole time. The second troubling thing is her growth in libido as she slowly decays.

Overall the movie was a full hour and thirty minutes with very little to nothing dialogue. The movie could of been as effective as a thirty minute short film without leaving any guts or body fluids out.

This movie is not for everyone. It's a gruesome and nauseating tale that is filmed very realistically. Let's just says that during the showing a few people left the cinema. Despite the long moments you just can't stop watching the incredible and vile DEATH TRANSFORMATION! Tis' not for the faint of hearts. If you liked the films The Fly and Hellraiser you will enjoy this movie.

Panagiotis' Tops of the Fantasia Film Festival...

Fantasia Film Festival: My Top 3 Favourite Films from Fantasia by Panagiotis Drakopoulos

Another edition of Fantasia film festival has ended. This was CBNAH first year covering the film festival. Oz and myself saw a whole bunch films, and even we talked to and conducted some interviews with a few of the guests attending Fantasia. Thanks to all of the staff at Fantasia who helped us out during the festival. So, here’s my top 3 films I watched at Fantasia.

3.) Berserk: Golden Age Arc 2 & 3

Being a big of the manga series, I was waiting to see how Studio 4°C (the animation studio behind these films) would handle the eclipse ceremony. And they didn’t disappoint. Capturing the nightmare scenario of the fall and horrible deaths of the Band of the Hawk. High animation production values with a great soundtrack sticking very close to the original source material. Pick up the films from Viz Media because it’s worth every single penny.

2.) A Company Man

If the Berserk films were a drug induced nightmare, then A Company Man is melancholy dream about a man searching for a normal life. The story is about Hyeong-do (So Ji-sub), who looks like your everyday office worker. But in reality he works for a contract killing company. Hyeong is the best contract killer in the company and he’s soon up for a promotion. But after one mission, he starts feels to bitter and guilty about his job. He tries to resign from his job, but his co-workers want him dead. Extremely violent, but yet poetic. A Company Man is apart a long line of great films from South Korea that blends action and drama extremely well and a powerful ending that will you leave breathless. A Company Man will be out on DVD, Blu-Ray, and On Demand from Well Go USA Entertainment on August 27th 2013.

1.) OXV: The Manual

I had a tough time trying to write a review for OXV: The Manual because it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in my life. The fictional world of OXV: The Manual is very similar to our world, but with some differences. This world is more focused on the scientific level on a person’s frequency. People who emit a high frequency are blessed with luck and a higher intelligence level. While those with lower frequency are doomed with a life of misery and unhappiness. The film focuses on Zak and Marie. They fist meet each other in elementary school. Zak can’t be with Marie because his frequency is very low compared to hers. Due to their different frequencies they can only allowed to interact for one minute each year. Zak spends the next decade or so trying to figure out how to change his frequency. When he’s able to change the frequency and be with Marie, everything around him starts to fall apart. It’s something I haven’t seen in cinema before. Director Darren Paul Fisher calls this film as the first scientific-philosophical romance, which is true. It feels like a cross between a comic being published in 2000AD and the French New Wave of cinema. It’s something so original in terms of both storytelling and direction. A true hidden gem of the festival and a film that everyone should definitely check out.