Monday, August 19, 2013

The Further Reviewing Adventures From the Fantasia Film Festival..!

Fantasia Film Festival: The Battery by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

The Battery concentrates on two characters who barely know each other. They played in a small baseball team and never really hung out, this until the Zombies hatched. Afterwards they're compelled to be together, evermore.

The main character Ben ( Jeremy Gardner ) who wrote and directed the movie is the one taking care of business, chopping zombies, thinking of basic survival needs, basically doing all the dirty work.

Mickey ( Adam Cronheim ) the second character is basically useless. He is in complete denial, obnoxious and takes for granted his fellow friend. He basically acts like a brat. Overall their friendship resembles a sexist heterosexual couple, thus bringing some humour in this tense story line  There is a part in the movie where Ben brings a zombie from outside and into the room where Mickey is sleeping and closes the door. Mickey has never killed a zombie he left it all for Ben to do. This is Ben's brutal way of "Waking up " Mickey to reality. They have been on the road alone running away never settling down for over 3 months. This type of lifestyle is bound to affect someone’s sanity.

Finally, this psychological movie is not your typical hack slash zombie flick. It revolves around the friendship and how they have changed surviving with each other rather then surviving with the undead.

It is quite an interesting and refreshing twist on zombies. A movie damn worth watching!

Fantasia Film Festival: Magic Magic by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

Juno Temple stars as Alice she's on a trip to South America with her cousin Sarah (Emilie Browning) to a secluded ranch house with Sarah's boyfriend Augustine (Augustine Silva) and his friend Brink (Michael Cera).

From the very first scene you sense Alice is not at all comfortable with the people she is with. Sarah has to leave for two days to another city to complete a school exam and from that moment Augustine and Brink act and say things that are very awkward and make Alice feel very uncomfortable. She lacks sleeps feel tormented and soon enough falls into a psychological abyss. There is a scene where Augustine hypnotizes Alice and along with Brink they make her do some weird things. When Alice wakes up and realizes what has happen Augustine swears he doesn't know how to hypnotize people and Alice was faking the whole time. The whole one hour and 30 minutes you're never sure what to believe or who to believe.

Finally the overall film is dry and monotone. The plot never seems to thicken and Michael Cera adds a sprinkle of sadistic humour to the sauce, therefore without him the movie would be plain ol' boring.

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