Thursday, June 6, 2013

Artist Spotlight... Erik Mullins...

Erik T. Mullins

Erik Teren Mullins is an Illustrator who's specialty lies in Graphic Novels and Concept Designing dynamic and creative creatures, characters and worlds. 

Erik describes himself and his work:
I spend every day drawing, whether it is original character designs, or existing ones, I'm constantly broadening my horizons, and always willing to try new mediums. I have advanced knowledge over graphic programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, and traditional mediums such as pencil, ink, markers and sculpting. I have also worked a lot with Toon Boom as well as flash, and have a great sense for animation. Whether working in teams or on my own, I am a quick and efficient artist, always giving my 150%.

I've spent a few years sculpting and painting models of monsters,characters, even their surrounding environments. Giving me a great depth for 3D designing. I have already worked on 3D studio max and have a general understanding for the program.

My whole life has been dedicated to concept designing since I was 7, and would doodle characters in which I would then use for scribbled comics. I'm a natural when it comes to this, and am able to really think outside  the conventional box. I play video games, I watch cartoons, and I read comics. My ultimate goal in life is to reproduce that which I am so passionate about. And I would like to be able to influence generations of young aspiring artists the same way I was when I was just starting off.