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Community Will Be Getting a Sixth Season on Yahoo Screen

Yes, Community will be back for a sixth season on Yahoo Screen. The show was cancelled by NBC in May. The show will be moving away from broadcast television to online video service. Which means, Dan Harmon will be able make the show a bit more mature humor-wise and no television censors. Here's what we know about the show: The season will be 13 episodes long, each episode will still remain the half-hour format, and stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Jim Rash will return. All of this just awesome news and I personally can't wait!

For additional information check out the Wrap article here.

There's a Leak at DC/Warner Bros. Both Flash and Constantine Pilots Out On Torrent Sites

So, within the last few weeks both CW's The Flash and NBC's Constantine pilots leaked online, a few months before their premieres in the fall. In both cases seems to be someone got their hands on promotional copies of both pilots and put them online for the world to see. Could it be someone from the press leaking the pilots? Someone from DC/Warner Bros. wanting to build interest for both shows before SDCC? Someone has a grudge with DC/Warner Bros. or who knows what's going on? This looks pretty bad for all parties involved with both shows. But hopefully this someone builds interest and momentum for these shows in the fall.

12-GAUGE COMICS September 2014 Solicitations‏

SHERWOOD, TX #3 (of 5)
Written By: Shane Berryhill
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colors: Charlie Kirchoff
Covers A and B: Andrew Robinson
Price: $3.99, 24 pages

It's time to go on the offensive! Rob Hood and the Jesters hatch a plan to rob John Prince and free the kidnapped Mexican girls he and the Nobles have forced into their sex-slave business. Meanwhile, Maria puts her life on the line for Hood, doing everything she can to bring justice to the men who murdered his father.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Age of Perez; Interview with Josh Perez Part II

Today, in our second part interview with colorist and artist Josh Perez. We continue on with discussion on Josh working at IDW, thoughts on the Transformers films, Bravoman and much more. If you miss the first part of the interview with Josh Perez click here.

CBNAH: How did you wind-up at IDW?

Josh Perez: When they were doing their profile book series, I guess a lot of line art was coming in and they needed it to get it colored fast. My friend Espen was already working with them. The story I'm told is Espen threw my name in the hat and said "Hey, this guy is good with colors too." And they just sent work my way, which pretty much what happened. The work I gave them for More than Meets the Eye profile wasn't really that impressive. So when they did a series for Armada that was pretty much the same idea. I think Espen had to really push my name in there to do some more work. I guess after that I impressive them enough that I started to get more work.

CBNAH: What's it like to work on the Transformers franchise?

JP: It's really amazing. By default when I go to places like a Target or Wal Mart, I gravitate to the toy section and just look at or buy some Transformers. It's different now, you look at a toy -- whenever you have a character that you worked on the comics, you don't look at them so much as a toy. Now you look at them as a character. For me I look at them and I'm seeing all the places I have to pay attention when I color. They become more reference material than toys for me. But it's fantastic. I've been with the brand for a decade now. It's interesting to see where a franchise goes in a decade. When I started it was Armada and they were a lot of fun. I still stand by the fact that I think Armada is the best Transformers toy line we had, just on playability. When you flashforward now and there's so many characters that I never thought I would see in toy form. I never thought I'd see Bumblebee on the shelves so much and for me having that connection with Bumblebee and Transformers makes it just really exciting. I know a lot of people wanna blow stores up when they see a lot of Bumblebee and stuff on the shelves. But for me it's really nice to see the little guy on the shelves after such a long hiatus.

CBNAH: You did a one-shot A-Team comic at IDW, how did you get attach to the project?

JP: There was a huge work slowdown and I think I emailed them and said "Hey, you guys got anything new for me to work on?" Because I had nothing. And I think they were like "Hey, we've got this A-Team story if you want to work on." I said, "Yes." I thought I was going to do more of the movie book but more work came in immediately after that.  

CBNAH: You also did some Godzilla work at IDW. How did you get involved with these Godzilla projects?

JP: When my friend Matt Frank, who does a lot of the art for the Godzilla books now. He had met me at a convention, I think it was Wizard World Austin. They had this big thing they were doing with the Godzilla books where they would draw Godzilla stomping on different comic book stores who would buy these comic book stores exclusive covers. We talked a little bit at Wizard World Austin and he kept my name in his head. I think I did a couple of print colors or commission colors for him before this. He was very kind enough to threw my name in the hat to do the cover colors for the retailers incentive covers. From there he just like what I did, when he started to working on Godzilla he was like "Hey, would you like to come over here and help me with this book?" I was hundred percent for it. It was a lot of fun, I'm not really a big Godzilla fan. I used to love Mechagodzilla a lot as a kid when Trendmasters did a small Godzilla toy line. I've never really been one hundred percent Godzilla. I'm excited to work with Godzilla but it's not the same rush as I get with Transformers.  

CBNAH: What's your thoughts on the new Transformers film?

JP: I one hundred percent appreciate what the movie does for the franchise. A lot of people watch the movies regardless if their good or bad, their pretty bad.

CBNAH: I'm really excited about Transformers 4 because it's going insane with all of the Dinobots and Optimus carrying around a massive sword like something out of the manga series Berserk.

JP: Don't get me wrong, there's one thing Bay movies can do for me it's that they get me excited to see this Bay movie when it comes to the Transformers. After Transformers 2, in all honesty I was done and not watching these movies anymore. Then the trailer for the third film came out and I was like "This looks really fucking good, I'm going to watch it." Good as in eye candy action sense like fast food. In Transformers 4 I wanna see how the Dinobots factor in this and are they even going to be called "Dinobots." I wanna see how Bumblebee goes from being this beyond the run to his upgrade mode and where Prime goes from looking like classic Prime to going to where he is now. I'm very interested in the story of Transformers 4. It's suppose to set up a new trilogy, I want that and do hope that focus is pulled away from being Prime. I would like to see a focus on new characters.

CBNAH: I'm more interested in seeing Mark Wahlberg as the main lead instead of Shia LaBeouf. Shia's character -- The first film, was a good film but after that, his character was just annoying to no end and pretty much was unlikable for the rest of the series.

JP: What annoyed me about Sam Witwicky is that he had no character development. Every movie he was the same character. He was a person who didn't know where he wanted to be in life and at the end of the movie he figured out where he wanted to be in life. Rinse and repeat when the next movie started. It's frustrating. It's the same with Bumblebee. I love Bumblebee but in the movies he does things that are maybe exciting but he doesn't do anything as a character. That can be said for everyone -- The only characters that really had development were the Decepticons. Megatron was the only one -- When Megatron was killed in the third movie, I felt bad for him because he actually had more of a reason to do what he was doing than anyone else. Everyone else was just killing people because they were angry really. That's over oversimplifying it but that's how it felt.

Josh's artwork on Bravoman. Art from ShiftyLook 

CBNAH: Can you tell us about Bravoman?

JP: Yes! Bravoman is an old arcade in TurboGrafx-16 video game that starred Bravoman. He's actually kind of like a lampoon on a lot of what was big in superheroes and protagonists in games and television. He's got a lot of Kamen Rider and Mega Man in him. Some time ago, ShiftyLook, apart of Namco Bandai Games decided they wanted to do a book and did it through UDON. They wanted to start making the IP a little bit well known. Taking all of their obscure games that they had and they wanted to push them into the public. We did Bravoman, Matt Moylan, Dax Gordine and myself were placed on the book. It was originally Matt and Dax at first, but once the strip count increased from one to three per week. Matt contacted me and said "If you can do a good job coloring the way that Dax colors, you can totally be on this book." I guess what I did madethem happy. So, they put me on the book and that's Bravoman. It was a really, really fun book to work on because I got to do a lot of stuff with Bravoman, I never got the chance to do with Transformers.

CBNAH: You worked on the Mars Attacks: The Transformers crossover event. Can you take us throught the process of you coloring that issue.

JP: Mars Attacks: Transformers was very much set inside the G1 cartoon. A lot of my palette itself was drawn from the cartoon like all of the reds -- Normally when I work on Transformer books I very much every person gets their own individual colors. For example, Bumblebee's yellow will be different from Sunstreaker's yellow and Prime's red will be different from Ironhide's red. But in the cartoon universe a lot of times everyone shares colors so that's... A lot of the palette is brighter and very shared because I'm not trying to give everyone their own unique colors. I wanted everything to bright and cartoony. The martians kind of -- First off, I love Mars Attack ever since I remember seeing a couple of friends with the cards. I think it was elementary school, those cards were very gruesome and gory and when you're a kid something like that is frightening and exciting at the same time. It's always kind of been in my head to work with the franchises is really fun. The martians though have a lot more detail in them, there's a lot of airbrushing in their brains because it's suppose to be like a gradient color usually like a pink, almost like a stale zombie flesh color. The martians were fun but there was a lot of stuff that I had to get around because it didn't look cartoony to me. But in the end, everything worked out well.        

CBNAH: What's your con schedule like for this year?

JP: So far I'm planning on going to Botcon in Pasadena and TFcon in Canada. It all depends on how much work and how I stand financially on each one.

CBNAH: What advice do you have for upcoming artists and writers?

JP: I wouldn't know so much about writers, but as for artists you gotta grow thick-skinned. A lot of what I did early in colors was really bad and a lot of people in forums and editors aren't afraid to tell you that. They have to, you have to take that criticism and work with it. You can't be offended by it, and a lot of people get offended if you offer a suggestion on their work, and then there's the usual you gotta keep doing what you want to do. You have to invest a lot of time and keep on practicing, so that way you can evolve and get better.

CBNAH: Any more appearances on the Canadian Slag podcast?

JP: I hope so. I love going on Canadian Slag. All of the Slag team are pretty much my favorite people because they're just swell people, especially Wendel  :).

CBNAH: Finish this sentence – Comic Book Nerds are Hot because…

JP: Hopefully their are a lot more open-minded than other people.

Check out:
Josh Perez on deviantART, and Youtube.

Special thanks to Wendel James.

Artists Assemble- TMNT (2014)

Artists Assemble is the weekly CBNAH drawing event. Anyone from the Facebook group can take part. The art must be your own and match the theme.

This weeks theme is TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2014). This is strictly based on the new film coming out so pics of TMNT from any of the versions of TMNT will not be accepted. 

April O'Neil by Breannah Luini

Bay Turtles by Paul Hanson

Leo by Adam Bayes

Leo by Jason Graziano

Raph by Paul Hanson

Mikey by Jason Graziano

Donatello by Jason Graziano

Raph by Adam Bayes

Leo by Richard Chin

Raph by Jason Graziano

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Guillermo Del Toro Announces Pacific Rim 2 For 2017 Along With More Comics And A Cartoon Series

Guillermo Del Toro Announces Pacific Rim 2 for April 7, 2017. Along with the announcement of the sequel, there will be a cartoon series coming out around the same time as the second film and a sequal to the Tales From Year Zero graphic novel. Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-Men 2) will be working on the script along with Del Toro. Check out the video below:

PSYCHOSTICK Announce Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles Tour; Post 'Reading Rainbow' Cover; New Video‏

Via press release:

Wrapping up their 'Merica F*ck Yeah Tour' this week w/ Dog Fashion Disco and The Bunny The Bear, Psychostick are taking a break in July to reboot and get back on the road for a three week 'The Blood, Guts, and Sprinkles Tour' in August w/ One Eyed Doll and Wild Throne. The band will be premiering upcoming material  on the tour from their forthcoming fan funded album to follow up 2011's comedic adventure 'Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D'.

Guitarist Josh 'The J' Key explains:

"The fan-funded studio we finished building is working out better than cheese on a nacho! We've been recording our new album, which we feel tops our last release (Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D), so we have some new songs that we've been dying to play for people. We have still have many hands to shake and people to thank for donating to our successful Indiegogo campaign for our new recording studio / album."

'Merica F*ck Yeah Tour w/ Dog Fasion Disco, The Bunny The Bear
June 27 - Fubar - St Louis, MO
June 28 - Emerson Theater - St. Louis, MO
June 29 - Alrosa Villa - Columbus, OH

The Blood, Guts And Sprinkles Tour w/ One Eyed Doll, Wild Throne
August 15 - Newport, KY @ Thompson House
August 16 - Beckley, WV @ Muncheez
August 17 - South Bend, IN @ Cheers Pub
August 19 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's Rock Club
August 20 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
August 21 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
August 22 - Eau Claire, WI @ Hipps Pub-N-Grub
August 23 - Bismarck, ND @ Rise Festival - Missouri Valley Fair Grounds
August 24 - Williston, ND @ DK's Lounge
August 25 - Minot, ND @ The 'O'riginal Bar and Nightclub
August 26 - Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
August 28 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
August 29 - Pontiac, IL @ Freaksters Roadhouse
August 30 - New Albany, IN @ The Rustic Frog
August 31 - Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse at The International
September 02 - Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood
September 03 - Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
September 04 - Destin, FL @ Club LA
September 05 - Orlando, FL @ Bombshells
September 06 - Jacksonville, FL @ Aqua In the Roc Bar Room
September 07 - Tallahassee, FL @ Atmosphere

Valiant Previews: On Sale July 2nd, 2014 – QUANTUM AND WOODY #12‏

Written by JAMES ASMUS
Cover by TOM FOWLER (MAY141666)

Beaten! Bloodied! Bamboozled!

Quantum and Woody took the battle straight to the enemy – the mad-science cabal called Edison’s Radical Acquisitions and their mysterious, monstrous new leader – and the enemy kicked their ass! When these rogue biologists (and roboticists) get their hands (and robo-claws) on their new lab subjects, Quantum and Woody are as good as vivisected! (And, by vivisected, we mean dead.) 

$3.99 | T+ | 32 pgs. | ON SALE 7/2/14 (FOC – 6/9/14)


Via press release:

L-R – (floor) Tim Kehoe – Guitar | Chris Friesen – Guitar /Vocals | Mike Van Dyk – Bass |  Matt Copeland – Drums (photo credit William Smart) 

Orillia, ON’s thrash progressive metal band ADRENECHROME has added more dates to their summer Ontario and Quebec CHROMED Tour, which includes supporting Threat Signal on June 28th in Kitchener, ON. (all dates listed below).

"ADRENECHROME is extremely proud to announce that after three month's of intensive "labour" [and 6 years in the making] we will be giving birth to a 13 day extended tour of madness and chaos across Ontario and Quebec. This "child monster" of a tour will be taking us from Sarnia to Quebec City, and all points between, wreaking new born rock'n'roll havok at every stop. Come join us as we show CANADA that we're a big boy band....and look out! cause this tour is leaving a trail of head's all over central CANADA :] much love all.....see you on the road." comments vocalist/guitarist Chris Freisen.

The tour is in support of forthcoming new material and their 2012 debut EP ‘Hideous Appetites’ that has garnered rave reviews from metal media and strong support from Canadian loud radio charts for its seven explosive tracks that blend innovative guitar shredding, furious operatic vocals, thundering drums and rumbling, gut-busting bass. 'Hideous Appetites' was produced by Darius Szcespaniak whom has engineered on such albums by SACRIFICE, SUM 41, BLACK CROWES to name a few. This beast truly stands out from the herd as Adrenechrome have crafted old school classic thrash to meet today’s modern prog evolution to bring back good ol’ fashioned face melting rock n’ roll that has lead them to share the stage with Corrosion of Conformity, Green Jelly, Ninjaspy, Manahan, The Isosceles Project, Caym, Exes For Eyes, Odium.


* = date change

# = date added


June 27 - Windsor, ON @ The Dominion House Tavern

#June 28 - Kitchener, ON @ The Hive w/ Threat Signal

*June 29 - Hamilton, ON @ Doors Pub (moved from Club Absinthe on June 26)

June 30 - Toronto, ON @ Club 751


July 1 - Oshawa, ON @ The Atria

July 2 - Belleville, ON @ The Belle Pub

July 3 - Quebec City, QC - Salle Unisson

July 4 - Trois Rivieres @ Rock Cafe Le Stage

July 5 - Brossard, QC - Tasty Fest 2014 @ The Tasty Hut

July 6 - Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar

July 10 - Barrie, ON - Fox Lounge

July 11 - Orillia, ON @ Slaughter On The Water 2 on the Island Princess Cruise Ship at the Port of Orillia

July 12 - Guelph, ON - Van Gogh's Ear Premiere DISPLAY OF DECAY Title Track From Upcoming EP 'Outbreak of Infection'

Via press release:

60 Day Countdown Till The Outbreak Begins! August 26th!

L-R - Tyler Goudreau (Guitarist), Sean Watson (Guitarist), Avery Desmarais (Drums) – Credit – Kylee Thompson

     The countdown to the outbreak begins today as the human population wait for Display of Decay to reveal their newest EP 'Outbreak of Infection' set for official release on August 26th. The Edmonton, AB based corpses are spreading a taste of the infection with the help of premiering their latest single and the title track at the following link: 

“This EP is the catalyst for Display of Decay because we all put a piece of ourselves into these songs." comments guitarist Sean Watson.

Track Listing: Display of Decay - Outbreak of Infection
1. Born of Rot (3:37)
2. Manchurian Candidate (4:24)
3. Praise The Gore (3:30)
4. Outbreak of Infection (3:50)
5. Black Diamond (KISS cover) (3:13)

EP Length: 18:37

EP Teaser Video -

Display of Decay paint audiences a picture of a much darker and more hostile world than our own. Their gore-filled lyrics and rhythmic brutal death metal ring true throughout ‘Outbreak of Infection’. The band wraps up the EP with a KISS cover (Black Diamond), which showcases their dynamic influences and how they impact their song writing. The trio is slotted to play Loud As Hell in Drumheller, AB on Sunday, August 31st on the same day as Protest The Hero along with Alberta dates prior to the festival, which allows people to catch their EP live.

The ‘Outbreak of Infection’ 60 day countdown begins now!

Upcoming Show Dates:

July 17 - Calgary, AB - Dicken's Pub w/ Wilt, Bushwacker, Dethgod
July 18 - Edmonton, AB - DV8 w/ Death Assembly, Breaking Affliction
July 19 - Red Deer, AB - Slumland Theater w/ Cryptosis, Armifera, Morbidly Depraved, The Avulsion, Love & Lies, Grendel's Awakening
August 31 - Drumheller, AB - Loud As Hell Festival

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Jeffrey Brown's INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS Are Back! ...Or Something

Via press release:

It's been a while since beloved indie cartoonist Jeffrey Brown released his shape-changing robot parody Incredible Change-Bots and its hilarious sequel Incredible Change-Bots Two... In the meantime, he's gone and launched TWO best-selling Star Wars series for kids, Darth Vader and Jedi Academy! And now he's back, with the biggest Change-Bots book yet.

Collecting over 200 pages of rare "odds, ends, and missing parts," Incredible Change-Bots Two Point Something Something includes short stories, gallery art show pieces, game and toy designs, artwork created for fan club members, interviews with almost every Change-Bot, and more. Click here for a ten-page preview, and pre-order now with your favorite retailer!

Note: a limited HARDCOVER edition of Change-Bots Two Point Something Something is also available, exclusively from Top Shelf! Click here for details.

Amigo Comics Solicitations For SEPTEMBER 2014

Rogues! Volume 3, issue #1 (of 5)

Author: El Torres
Artist: Juan José Ryp
Cover Artist:  Juan José Ryp (wraparound cover)

Intended Audience: Mature Themes
Genre : Fantasy
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

At last! The long-lost story where the Rogues were born, now remastered and with new-brand-extra pages. The first work of Juan José Ryp and El Torres with their creation, the Rogues!

Follow the first adventure of Bram and Weasel: A robbery to a nobleman went really well. Now they are the owners of an unique bright jewel... that everybody in Gerada, thiefs, soldiers and even mages want!


Author(s): Roger Bonet
Artist(s): Roger Bonet
Cover Artist(s):  Diego Galindo

Item Code: JUL140782
In Shops: 9/24/2014
Intended Audience: Teen
Genre : Humor
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

If you think that White Sharks are bad, prepare yourself to meet DarkShark! A commando in a solo mission - hunting down Don Walrus the Narco, an evil drug lord and gun-addict - with a water gun, guy is in rehab. But Walrus controls the Duckong and brutal mercenaries! Did you miss all the gun-toting grim-and-gritty nonsense from the 90's? This is your book! Guns! Poaches! Grinned teeth! Duck shooting!

Roman Ritual  #1 (of 4)

Author: El Torres
Artist(s): Jaime Martínez, Diego Galindo
Cover Artist(s):  Áurea Muñoz, Diego Galindo

Intended Audience: Mature
Genre : Horror
Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
Retail Price: $3,99

A new horror miniseries by El Torres!

A murder involving a cardinal is shaking the Vatican, so cruel and vicious that goes far beyond any crime and conspiracy that may have taken place in the Vatican before. The self-exiled priest John Brennan is summoned to Rome as the boldest exorcist in the Church… because there is an ancient evil spreading inside the Holy See itself.