Sunday, June 8, 2014

Artists Assemble. Homage week- Daredevil #182

Artists Assemble is a weekly drawing event. Anyone from the Facebook group can take part. The art must be your own and match the theme. 

This week is another homage week!! the subject for this is Daredevil #182. You can pick any character you like as long as it plays homage to this cover, it can be comics, television, movie or from a book.

Spider-Man by Kevin Miller

Jake the Dog by Patrick Mohlmann

Walter White by Paul Hanson

Elongated Man by Franklin O'Neal

Batman by Richard Chin

The Winter Soldier by Paul Hanson

Finn the Human by Adam Bayes

Captain America by Jason Graziano

Batman by Adam Bayes

Power Girl by Jeffery Linden Sargent

Death and Thanos by Ha Jim Mi

Robin Hood by Thorsten Schmitz

Deadpool by Matthew Soylent Green Ridout

Nick Fury Jr by Adam Bayes

Wolverine by Bec Sutton

Spider-Man by Israel Carmona

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