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Valleycon 38... The Fashion Show...

With the ladies/models from Bad Weather Burlesque (and a couple of faithful convention assistants) Valleycon presented a wonderful showing of costumes sponsored by Spirit Halloween...

Here's just a few video clips of the event (I was a bit far back and you should have paid to be there, lol)...


Valleycon 38... The Cozzies...

Bane was pretty intimidating (read as huge).
(But both were very accommodating)
A nice couple from the Costume Alliance.
They'll be appearing at Winnipeg's C4, as well...

Not a costume, but still pretty funny...

Gender swapped Link in the middle.
Your guess is as good as mine for the other two, lol...

Had to chase this guy as 'Stanley Tweedle' down to get a pic.
LOVE, 'Lexx'..!

'Jayne' from 'Firefly', ordering some food...
Literally a giant-sized Man-Thing...
Literally a giant-sized Man-Thing... 

Literally a giant-sized Man-Thing...

Literally a giant-sized Man-Thing...

The Lady and Gentlemen of the 501st were kind
enough to pose for a few pictures.
The Lady and Gentlemen of the 501st were kind
enough to pose for a few pictures.

The 501st Legion Shooting Gallery...

Do I really need to say Who it is...

Another Steampunk guest, Stephen Miller, nice enough
to take a picture with me...

Don't quote me but I believe this is one of the
ladies from the Xenaversity consuite.
Super jealous of the shirt...
You can check out their costumes and consuites
(and a pic of me slightly intoxicated with them here)

A gender-swapped Jayne and a Mal Reynolds
from 'Firefly'...

No Jokers at the Valleycon this year,
but found a Riddler...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Valleycon 38... The Guests...


Fargo-Moorehead's (that's in North Dakota) Valleycon 38 wasn't my first convention but it has to count as my first true convention experience. I stayed for all three days and I had an absolute blast. Engaging guests, friendly fans, fun events and plenty of worthy opportunities to spend money. Valleycon was a three day convention of comics, scifi, and steampunk... lots of steampunk. Lots of things went wrong (forgot my good camera, lost many names and contact info) so next year I'll be bringing a different CBNAH intern, lol...


Kevin J. Anderson, author of more than 100 novels. I missed his panels but the CBNAH intern did get to speak one on one with his wife, also a featured author, Rebecca Moesta. By his reports a wonderful speaker, who was open. willing to give advice and had much insight into the field of writing.

Nicole deBoer, actress who portrayed Ezri Dax of 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'. I must say. As funny as she is youthful. The 40+ year old said she would love to play in a black comedy, a la 'Six Feet Under' and I, for one, would love to see her do it. (Though she's been candid about just wanting to work.) Its an absolute must for you to check out her answer to the infamous question "Comic book nerds are hot because..?" It will be in a later post under The Goodies. Nicole spoke pretty freely about her experiences on set with her coworkers (both amorous and grumpy) but was never catty or jaded. Its clear she enjoyed her time on DS9 and gets a kick out of telling her stories and answering fan questions. This year she especially got a kick out of a super young female child fan of 'The Dead Zone'.

Dean Haglund, of X-Files/The Lone Gunmen fame. Another super energetic and hilarious guest. Caught his improv show, which is a must-see if you catch a con with him there. (Or you can buy the dvds they press to sell the next day at the cons.) I missed talking with him in person but manic comedy stylings on stage were more than enough to make an impression on me.

For a complete list of Guests and more information check out: Valleycon Program

Valleycon is chaired by Tony Tilton. Sponsored/Supported by:  Rasmussen College, Spirit Halloween Superstore, KVRR-TV, MSUMS Comics Club, Site on Sound, Top Cow Comics, Dave Jacobs, Books at a Fifth and many more.

Me and Angelique Montag,
noted MN Renaissamce Festival/Steampunk expert. 

Below: The gaming room sponsored by Section 9 Cyber Cafe.
Super cool guy, gave me a coupon for an hour of gameplay
at their regular cafe and invited me to play at the con but I
know my limits. I... am not a gamer. 

Me and Christopher Mihm,
 writer/director of 'House of Ghosts'
My Crotch and the cool "Fear Shield"
given out before the screening of 'House of Ghosts'
Admittedly, I left during the middle of the screening for 'House of Ghosts' (strictly time constraints, the CBNAH intern led me to believe it was a short-film.) but i returned to buy a copy (seen above) so I could watch it later. Neither I, or the intern, were disappointed with the purchase. The style is near perfect for an indy, black and white 50's horror flick. There's enough humor that it doesn't take itself seriously but doesn't become a joke itself (see Scary Movie 2 - how many ever) I didn't need to use the Fear Shield but I have no soul. It was a "slow burn" but entertaining throughout and, of course, the drunk character (Mary) was my favorite. She's to die for. Even a slight hint of hoyay so you know I was set.

Sidenote: As I'm typing this I just noticed the DVD came with more special features than the Avengers Blu-Ray, including an alternate ending and blooper reel. This is definitely getting a replay..!


The quick-witted MC for the fashion show (and a few other events throughout the con)
 and her faithful servant Frank. Pronounced..."FRAAAAAAAANK..!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

CBNAH: We Do Local Cons... (VALLEYCON 38)

" ValleyCon is the longest-running, most attended, largest festival of popular culture- featuring sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, gaming, anime and film & TV from Minneapolis to Seattle! ValleyCon also sponsors the Fargo-Moorhead Comic-Con, Gameday and other events to be announced!"

I'll be doing a "mega-post" of my adventures of Fargo-Moorhead's Valleycon after the weekend. Just wanted to give you a little heads up after a great Day One. (and a sneak peak at the featured guest) A couple of great costumes early on, an indie movie showing, and a... fashion show.?!

If you're in the area, make yourself known and stop by. CBNAH members get free hugs and reacharounds.

Either way check back soon for pics, vids, and updates on a nice local con with great people..!

Valleycon On Facebook...

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Tyrone's Reviews: Ex Sanguine #1!

After reading comics like Hack/Slash and Revival I will pretty much follow Tim Seeley anywhere, I love his way of storytelling and his art style. I heard about EX Sanguine a while ago but, to be honest I forgot about it entirely. When I was offered the chance to review it I was more than excited at the reminder.

This story follows suit with Seeley’s other books as in it has a supernatural basis. The partnership with Joshua Scott Emmons is perfection and the script for this first issue has left me wanting more. I knew I would be adding this comic to my pull list within the first few panels that is it’s opening. The best part of this issue is that I’ve already got a sense of who most of the characters introduced are, while the main character still has his air of mystery. As far as vampire stories go they seem to have lost that aspect about their character and its nice to see someone focus on that side of the mythos along with their struggle to live in the shadows of society.

Tim’s art is always a joy, he knows how to draw creepy things while allowing them to remain believable. I love his take on the vampire, how he’s created this man as a husk filled with a demon. When I read this book I wasn’t sure what toe expect but it perfectly complimented the story and Seeley’s art with Badilla’s colors really set the tone for good storytelling.

This book is another great book from the folks over at Dark Horse, I found it interesting and something I definitely want to read more of. They’ve managed to take the vampire genre and twist it so that the happenings are unexpected and fresh yet still respectful to the traditional mythos. This is all complimented with beautiful art and engaging storytelling. I definitely suggest picking this book up as it was a lot of fun to read and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with Halloween just around the corner.

Steven's Reviews: GI Joe, After Earth plus More!

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #18

There are all kinds of action going on this issue only none of if it is exactly what you think it would be.  Sure Storm Shadow hits a Cobra vault only to find it empty and just emptied at that with a small Viper guard unit.  So was this a trap laid by Cobra and if so who was the intended victim?
            Meanwhile over in Budapest Hightower and Spearhead encounter a group from the Arashikage and aren’t heard from anymore.
            The Baroness is seen not exactly buying a country per se just the leading Royal of that country.  See he gets to keep his title and all the trappings that come with it and Cobra gets a legitimate seat at the World table.  So now they are Tryolvia whose capital city of Fineske is now on everyone’s radar.
            Serpentor’s dreams haunt him as the Soft Master whom he thought was locked away for his own use inhabits them.  The Soft Master allowed himself to be captured and now he’s wanting to leave thanks to the boy who has come to his rescue.  Another loss for Serpentor whose guards are being slaughtered by Arashikage world wide as they try to steal from Cobra.
            I’d say follow the money but it’s all being spent, on said nation.  The Arashikage is trying to steal it but before they are able to Cobra moves it en masse so no one is really able to disrupt its flow.  Which is somewhat ironic that Cobra is still one step ahead of both the Joe’s and the Arashikage.  The Joes’ don’t trust Snake Eyes anymore nor Storm Shadow and have no idea what is going, typical.  It’s all a big circle as if the image of the snake chasing and swallowing its own tale were indeed true.
            Helix once again has gone off on her own to find Snake Eyes friend the Hard Master.  She’s found him alright so what comes of this remains to be seen and quite honestly I cannot wait for that.  Oh yes and the dialogue throughout this issue remains incredible but page twenty one takes the cake for me!   This book is phenomenal and in all honesty if I were only able to read one of the three I’d choose this one.
After Earth One Shot
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Written by Michael Jan Friedman & Robert Greenberger
Art & Colour by Beni Lobel
            When the Earth becomes too toxic and can no longer support human life man decided to colonize the stars instead.  Man builds star ships and heads out find a planet suitable for habitation and they finally find one Nova Prime.  Only it took about one hundred years to find it. 
            At first I thought this was going to be a standard type of story and then well things took a turn.  Suddenly as a father tells his a bedtime story we learn the history of mankind on Nova Prime and it isn’t always pretty.  There were two factions of people when the world was colonized the Kincaids and the Primus they were “policed” by the Rangers who were charged with keeping the peace.
            Only when science is at odds with religion peace is unobtainable.  It’s an age old story which if you at human history throughout the globe you’ll see just how startling real and dangerous these wars can be.  The Rangers tried keeping the peace and before any true truce could be called the planet was under attack.
            When two sides are in conflict it takes an even greater threat to bring the two sides together.  In this case an alien threat whose weaponry made their own insignificant.  A child, son of a Ranger, actually comes up with the solution as he finds a crashed ship.  In it they find that alien technology to disrupt their shields. 
            As it turns out the boy is a descendent of both father and son.  Live by example and all that jazz.  Give the boy a role model from his own ancestry to live up to. 
            This was more than I expected it to be.  An uplifting story of hope and courage amid fear and destruction a tale that gives a child peace of mind.  The artwork on the interior pages was pleasant nothing absolutely spectacular but nothing bad either.  Backgrounds were nice and it did seem as if the art took a back seat to the story.  I would have preferred to see it enhance the words but all in all the book is a nice heartwarming experience.
Dorian Gray #2
Bluewater Comics 2012
Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis –Writers
Frederico De Luca –Artist
            Dorian has found a box of items, or antiques that belong to his family as a sort of legacy one might say.  Another might claim they are junk while still others yet would pay top dollar for such a morbid collection of items.  Yes morbid for some of these things are meant to cause intense pain.  We see just how dangerous these items can be and by accident too, though no damage is done.
            The Picture of his ancestor with the face that is peeled and his skull and muscle showing is rather disgusting but he’s proudly hanging it.  The picture of Dorian Gray is important to pay attention too though.  We do see a demon reach out of it as Dorian leaves the room.  The Boy has no idea of his history or who or what he is and that makes him an innocent from a family that is anything but. 
            So during some down time and experimenting with items from the box he puts on these weird glasses and opens a book and viola weirdness ensues.  He gets pulled into the book by none other than Oscar Wilde himself.  Explanations are definitely in order here and while some answers are explained the mystery itself deepens almost to the boiling point.
            What does young Dorian desire most, the girl who spurned him?  Well he gets to meet the Demon from the painting and the offer is made all he has to do is sit back and watch what happens as things in life go better than planned.
            I have to say I was a bit biased before I mean Bluewater to me was kind of cheap looking and focused on some weird people, political or pop stars and I stayed away until this.  The artwork here is beyond incredible, it truly some of the more beautiful work being done today.  The adaptation and the writing here are phenomenal to say the least.  Seriously I don’t think I’ve seen a better adaptation of a novel or an updated version that works as well as this one does.  This book is responsible for changing how I see the Bluewater company. 
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #2
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Written by Steve Darnall & Alex Ross
Illustrated by Jonathan Lau
Coloured by Vinicius Andrade
            We get a quick recap of his origin this issue and I do mean quick.  His parents did a missionary type deal and while they were gone a plague struck taking his parents lives.  So yes a good hero needs tragedy and that seems to be the loss of his parents.  Fortunately he was taken in the Lamasary as the Chosen One where he was raised to adulthood and given the ability to utilize ninety five percent of his brain.
            Peter is disillusioned with the world around him.  He thinks the people frivolous, ignorant, wasteful and whole slew of other derogatory words.  It isn’t that I disagree with him because if truth be told I do agree with him it’s just that those around him see the good that could be once again including his mentor as well as his friend and traveling companion Tabu.
            Because of his current feeling about society he’s become tense, lost adrift even and he takes a journey back to Lamasary where once again tragedy is to strike Peter’s life.  It would appear that nuclear testing is once more given the nod of approval and the Lamasary is caught in the aftermath of a blast destroying it.  Tabu is greatly injured but alive.
            This act reinvigorates Peter and his determination to fulfill his destiny and save mankind from their own negligence.  His power over illusion, thanks to use of all his brain, of the dragon creates real consequences that he didn’t expect.  He now returns to America with a new mission to the United Nations and wishes that the world go through with disarmament of their nuclear arsenals. 
            Instead of hiding in the shadows and working from the dark he reveals his identity to the public so they may trust him more.  So now we have a direction for the series and a plan of action for Peter.  All in all it’s a wonderful set up for the series and the characterization we’ve gotten in just one issue is amazing.
            We also get a set up for the next story arc.  A wonderfully lost and ancient mummy which is quite the important find.  I look forward to what is to come.
            Of course Jonathan Lau is doing the illustration here and his work continues to be of remarkable quality.  Here’s hoping he stays on this project longer than it takes to just launch it as he did with the Bionic Man.  Dynamite has this wonderful habit of taking a character or franchise and breathing it new life into it and this one is no exception. 

Oliver's Reviews: Star Wars and Peanuts!

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets 1

And just when you thought that agent Jahan Cross had a bit of morality to him, you are given a stark reminder that he is an agent of the empire first and foremost. 
This new series continues the adventures of Agent Cross from the previous AOTE series, and it gives you a bit of an idea as to where this would be placed on The Star Wars timeline. That should readily be apparent in the first few pages of the issue.

Some of the things that this series has going for it is of course the art, which is very clear, detailed and dynamic. He does pretty good choreography on his fight scenes. Also, you've got John Ostrander writing for you. So that's a bonus in and of itself. He does a good job of establishing the characters very quickly, then dives right ahead into the action. Also, at least for now, it seems that you do not need to have read the previous mini in order to fully understand the story. One last thing, you get a lot of guest stars/cameos in this issue and when has that not been fun?

Probably my one minor quibble with this is the choice of naming one of the characters, Count Dooku. I admit that was very confusing at first. I mean, there are soooo many names to choose from and we had to use one that might confuse potential new readers...especially young readers who might get wind of this via the successful clone wars tv show.

All in all, a good book, and a good first installment. If you want something a little bit different to complement your Star Wars collection, then this is the place to be.

Peanuts #3

The triumphant and much beloved series from Schultz finds its way in Kaboom! And the writers who participated in this project to carry on the legacy, did not disappoint. 

All the shorts involved in this collection by other writers, captures the spirit and the tone of the Peanuts stories of times past. No only that, but the art too. In fact, everyone involved here did a good job and all should be proud.

The only thing I didn't like with this is that it was a little short. It read very quickly for a comic having twenty eight pages. I wish more content was piled in. Specially with the price point of $3.99. Actually, having mentioned the price, this was supposed to be marketed more for kids...and I find that the price is a little too expensive for that. I wish more thought was given regarding this. 

All in all though, still a good buy. If you have collected Schultz memorabilia through the years, then this one would fit right in...,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steven's Reviews: Uncanny Avengers, Fanboys vs Zombies, Evil Ernie plus More!

Archer & Armstrong #3
We open with a quick recap of who the Sisters of Perpetual Darkness are as they welcome a new recruit into their ranks.  There order is descended from Lilith the first woman who was made as Adam was and not from his rib.  Clayton and Pere really manage to make these women creepy, beautiful and deadly looking all at the same moment so wow and thanks for that.
            I still appreciate and enjoy those movement boxes letting us know which talent he is using at any given moment. 
            Archers sense of honor versus Armstrong’s self preservation skills and you’ve got the original odd couple.
            Well once they defeat the Sisters of Perpetual Darkness in the area they are in the discover the Vatican possesses every tome allegedly burned during the inquisition.  What I wouldn’t do to be in that room, just think of the knowledge.  Oh yes and there is a book in that room on the Vine mmhmm nice tie in to X-O Manowar.
            I still can’t get over Fred’s skill and the dialogue he creates for these characters I mean when Armstrong is rhyming away it’s just so incredibly amusing and it so infuriates Archer you just can’t help but smile. 
            Then we learn who that initiate is.  Mary-Mariah whom we last saw in issue one who grew up with Obediah, or Obie, and is his young love.  Well his parents have poisoned her view of him already as they have all the other children’s as well.  So the two fight and it’s fun but heartbreaking as she won’t believe Obie but is so under their parents control you feel saddened.  The whole deal with those two is intense and makes you really think cerebrally about things.
            Though that Mary shoots Sister Tommy isn’t a fun fact.  Here’s hoping that Tommy survives this because I want to see her pop up every now and then for many years to come.
            Green Dragon Llamas, the Fourth Reich and a working machine that caused the problems to begin with, welcome to the cliffhanger people.
            This is probably my favorite re-launch it’s just that incredibly well done and executed.  The art is phenomenal and overall I feel as if this is the most successful at making this as modern a retelling as human possible. 
Evil Ernie #1
Dynamite Entertainment 2012
Written by Jesse Blaze Snider
Art by Jason Craig
Coloured by Marcio Menyz & Adriano Augustino
            There is something about this origin story that heavily reminds me of Rob Zombies Halloween movie.  Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, if it is just the feel that is there than okay if he took too much direction from it then I’m disappointed and I can’t decide which it is.
            So Ernie’s life has been one messed up event after another starting on the day he was being born till we meet up with him as a teenager.  Granted I like the role the smiley face button plays because it’s supposed to but I also am very appreciative that it isn’t focused upon but mentioned only in passing here and there.  Scripting wise, plot advancement, characterization, pacing and information delivery Jesse has all that down to a tee. 
            Ernest or Ernie is thirteen when he goes to see his step-dad in prison.  As the two are talking Ernie tries to kill the man, in the prison.  Turns out he’d killed six hundred and sixty five people up until his father who was supposed to be the six hundred and sixty sixth.  Yeppers the number of the devil if I’m not mistaken.  See this is where we learn Ernie listened to the voice in the button but of course they attribute everything to paranoid schizophrenia which it isn’t but hey that’s easier to believe right.
            So Ernie becomes the youngest person ever to be put to death using the death penalty.  I think by this time he’s eighteen years old, it should be five years later.  Dear old step-dad is in the audience and everything goes freaky.  I mean lights in the sky weirdness surrounds everyone and then Ernie comes back but he’s still dead.  What ends up being Ernie is the classic image we’ve all come to know where he’s missing half his body and he looks well like a bad acid drip visual.
            Ah here is the bitter sweet stuff as he believes he is only killing bad people who seriously deserve it and the final one is his step dad whom he now gets to finally kill.  And we leave it there.
            This really does feel like a Rob Zombie film and has many characteristics of Halloween.  I’m not sure if this was intentional but on some levels it really worked mainly because you get to see Ernie’s life up until he was made Evil Ernie.  The artwork is pretty spot on for this genre as well.  I’m also a tad surprised that this is a Dynamite offering and not from say Avatar or Boundless.  That Dynamite is willing to take a chance on this property has earned them even more of my respect.
Fanboys VS. Zombies #7
Boom-Studios 2012
Sam Humphries –Writer
Jerry Gaylord & Bryan Turner –Art
Mirka Andolfo, Felipe Sobreiro & Gabriel Cassata –Colours
            I hope that Missy doesn’t get eaten, not after she so successfully noticed and charted that the zombies were indeed behaving like birds.  And on some sick level it totally reminds me of Jurassic Park and I have to appreciate that even more.
            Gunther’s Comic-Con is fandom at it’s most extreme and psychotic.  Though again in many ways this is totally funny and fun.  His behavior and the behavior of his special guest is beyond entertaining. 
            The Zombies surrounding Missy were the more surprising element of this issue as they recognized her and wanted their pictures taken with her.  Now if this is some kind of residual effect or if the virus is running its course I have no clue but it does seem completely odd and out of place to see them talking coherently.
            Do not push a woman already on the brink people I mean did anyone really doubt that Gunther wasn’t going to die?  I mean it was really hard core and her reaction to doing this was running away and out on her friends is well I want to say understandable but she’s been indiscriminately killing zombies for weeks now.  So one live person who is totally and completely psychotic and deranged shouldn’t have been so bothersome a thing but that’s just me I suppose.
            Yeah as if taking the man who wrote the zombie survival guide comic books and graphic novels isn’t someone you are going to leave behind.  Plus the more the merrier right.  It’s too bad Gunther was so obsessed with him and Missy that he couldn’t see the bigger picture but he did get what was coming to him.
            The dialogue throughout this issue was amazing!  Laughs galore some words were just laugh out loud moments because it was just that odd seeing them in print again.  Characterization was absolutely delightful and what would or should have appeared to be some sort of salvation instead turned deadly and dangerous which from a readers standpoint was phenomenal. 
            I couldn’t be having any more fun reading this series than I am.  These guys and gals at Boom really have their hands on the pulse of what’s new, fresh and fun.
G.I. Joe #18
IDW Publishing 2011
Chuck Dixon –Writer
Will Rosado –Artist
Romulo Fajardo Jr. –Colourist
            Target Snake Eyes part one.
            The newest arc to sweep all three titles in the Joe Universe is here. After what transpired with the new Cobra Commander stepping up Snake Eyes went with Storm Shadow and rejoin the Arashikage.  At first he teammates thought him dead once Scarlett realized the truth however she is now gunning for him as public enemy number one.
            She is so far in the wrong on this one it isn’t even funny and for some odd reason the fact that she has a hard on to kill Snake Eyes is causing me to lose some respect for her.  Mainframe being the one to support Snake and stick up for him, even though he is in love with Scarlett, is as equally surprising.
            Duke is and always will be the voice of reason too bad he isn’t used more and doesn’t assert himself as being in control of the Joes. 
            Well I love the disarray that we see in Cobra at the moment.  I mean Serpentor promised the Commander positive results and so far has delivered anything but much to everyone’s chagrin, oh yes and a heavy loss of life.  The Baroness is one of my favorite characters and this issue reaffirms just why.  Have a problem turn to her she’ll give you the smart solution all you have to do is realize that and take it.  They nuked one country so if they want another one they need to buy it.
            So wow I really thought the Soft Master was dead I must have missed where he was kidnapped an not killed, shame on me I know.  So that one student is listening in on the Master’s and Serpentor’s talk is frakkin wonderful!  It would only be better if somehow Mains was able to listen in as well.
            I love where they are taking this franchise.  The espionage, the warfare, the politics, love, loss and everything and anything else you can possibly imagine is all here in just the right proportions.  The Joe universe has never been this real and this accessible before.  Chuck is simply an amazing talent and I’m in awe of his work here on this franchise.
Transfusion #1
IDW Publishing 2012
Written by Steve Niles
Art by Menton 3
            In the future, robots will run on human blood
                        And they will destroy the Earth
                                    Drinking deep the end of life.
            Okay the artwork is hauntingly beautiful and just eerily gorgeous in ways that should be disturbing but aren’t.  Menton 3 manages to really create this world that could almost be told without words and be just as effective. 
            This was fascinating I mean humans running around looking for food come across a small cornfield.  This of course is a set up and the robots have laid a trap for the humans looking for food.  They all die but one and while yes William led them into a trap it wasn’t the one he intended which was all the better.
            This is more an illustrated story that at times is graphic, startling, gross and disturbing all while being riveting and mesmerizing.  You start and you find you can’t finish it because you don’t want this to end.  Though some part of you does because of the violence involved.
            Technology turns on humans we’ve seen it before, I, Robot for example but somehow Steve manages to make it one of your worst nightmares come to life. 
            It took me a minute to realize that William narrated this story and his background from childhood on up is chilling and so very similar to anyone else of the same age, range.  Once the robots were introduced it took five years for them to overthrow their human makers and dominate the world.  Though they took much life too soon and didn’t say farm them so that they would have a steady amount of blood to grease their parts.  Guess artificial intelligence is just as flawed as organic intelligence who knew.
            The ending blew me away.  You’ll flip when you see it.
            This story is hauntingly beautiful and highly recommended.
Uncanny Avengers #1
Marvel Comics 2012
Rick Remender –Writer
John Cassady –Artist
Laura Martin –Colour Art
            I’ll be perfectly honest I didn’t touch an issue of Avengers VS. X-Men in any way shape or form.  I had no interest in all the hooplah and I thought it one big gimmick.  That is honest truth, I still feel it’s a gimmick something to say hey look that caused this so come see what’s new with us.  I wasn’t even going to look through this but curiosity got the better of me.  One of the perks of working in a comic shoppe you can say.
            I became a fan of Rick’s work with Fear Agent so I knew the man could write, he’s been doing it non-stop for what feels like forever now.  What I wasn’t expecting was for him to be able to get me past the Marvel Now gimmick and care about the characters forming this team.  Another honest fact most Marvel books I love to read get cancelled quickly because they don’t feature characters Marvel promotes like they do these, so I was somewhat determined not to like this.  Just goes to show how good at what he does Rick is.
            Wow okay so brains and brain transfers seem to be the order of the day here.  Kind of zombie-ish, gross and utterly fascinating to say the least at best brain surgery and amplification yeah okay wow.  I guess we had to have some of the soap opera stuff and see Wolverine remember and talk at the funeral but it was a tad too sappy for me.  On the other hand seeing Alex visit Scott was incredibly well done.
            Ah so now we understand why Cap and Thor chose Alex to lead this team.  To promote unity between the two teams and to the general populace at large saying that they are all friends now and should be trusted.  I do kind of like Cap admitting they haven’t done enough to help them on the rights front and that was a mistake.  So it is a tad contrived, the reason for Alex to lead, but through happenstance it proves the three of them at least work well together.
            I’m not sure Rogue has a lot of room to take a stand against the Scarlett Witch.  Although again this confrontation between them and then with the four antagonists that came for them it all fell into place beautifully.  It has this natural flow to it and a believability that shouldn’t be there since it does feel overly orchestrated. 
            By tying in one of Cap’s all time foe’s with a tie to the mutant community as they did, okay last page is the spoiler page but you won’t read it here, foreshadowed from the opening mind you was pretty effin excellent!  I still feel that making all the Marvel Universe Avengers and X-Men centric is a mistake but I’ll keep giving this a look see till I can’t takes it no more.
            Of course the art here helps a lot as well.  John is incredibly talented and pairing this team together was simply brilliant.  This is actually a successful book that could fit into Marvel continuity at given point in time.

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