Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oliver's Reviews: Star Wars and Peanuts!

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Hard Targets 1

And just when you thought that agent Jahan Cross had a bit of morality to him, you are given a stark reminder that he is an agent of the empire first and foremost. 
This new series continues the adventures of Agent Cross from the previous AOTE series, and it gives you a bit of an idea as to where this would be placed on The Star Wars timeline. That should readily be apparent in the first few pages of the issue.

Some of the things that this series has going for it is of course the art, which is very clear, detailed and dynamic. He does pretty good choreography on his fight scenes. Also, you've got John Ostrander writing for you. So that's a bonus in and of itself. He does a good job of establishing the characters very quickly, then dives right ahead into the action. Also, at least for now, it seems that you do not need to have read the previous mini in order to fully understand the story. One last thing, you get a lot of guest stars/cameos in this issue and when has that not been fun?

Probably my one minor quibble with this is the choice of naming one of the characters, Count Dooku. I admit that was very confusing at first. I mean, there are soooo many names to choose from and we had to use one that might confuse potential new readers...especially young readers who might get wind of this via the successful clone wars tv show.

All in all, a good book, and a good first installment. If you want something a little bit different to complement your Star Wars collection, then this is the place to be.

Peanuts #3

The triumphant and much beloved series from Schultz finds its way in Kaboom! And the writers who participated in this project to carry on the legacy, did not disappoint. 

All the shorts involved in this collection by other writers, captures the spirit and the tone of the Peanuts stories of times past. No only that, but the art too. In fact, everyone involved here did a good job and all should be proud.

The only thing I didn't like with this is that it was a little short. It read very quickly for a comic having twenty eight pages. I wish more content was piled in. Specially with the price point of $3.99. Actually, having mentioned the price, this was supposed to be marketed more for kids...and I find that the price is a little too expensive for that. I wish more thought was given regarding this. 

All in all though, still a good buy. If you have collected Schultz memorabilia through the years, then this one would fit right in...,

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