Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tyrone's Reviews: Ex Sanguine #1!

After reading comics like Hack/Slash and Revival I will pretty much follow Tim Seeley anywhere, I love his way of storytelling and his art style. I heard about EX Sanguine a while ago but, to be honest I forgot about it entirely. When I was offered the chance to review it I was more than excited at the reminder.

This story follows suit with Seeley’s other books as in it has a supernatural basis. The partnership with Joshua Scott Emmons is perfection and the script for this first issue has left me wanting more. I knew I would be adding this comic to my pull list within the first few panels that is it’s opening. The best part of this issue is that I’ve already got a sense of who most of the characters introduced are, while the main character still has his air of mystery. As far as vampire stories go they seem to have lost that aspect about their character and its nice to see someone focus on that side of the mythos along with their struggle to live in the shadows of society.

Tim’s art is always a joy, he knows how to draw creepy things while allowing them to remain believable. I love his take on the vampire, how he’s created this man as a husk filled with a demon. When I read this book I wasn’t sure what toe expect but it perfectly complimented the story and Seeley’s art with Badilla’s colors really set the tone for good storytelling.

This book is another great book from the folks over at Dark Horse, I found it interesting and something I definitely want to read more of. They’ve managed to take the vampire genre and twist it so that the happenings are unexpected and fresh yet still respectful to the traditional mythos. This is all complimented with beautiful art and engaging storytelling. I definitely suggest picking this book up as it was a lot of fun to read and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with Halloween just around the corner.

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