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Back of the Bin Wednesday Reviews..!

by Chris Grisby

Its a cosmic themed 'Back of the Bin', this week. Don't space out its a short stack this week... Dig, go buy it. Sift, search for key issues. Bury, do not read, even with your worst enemies eyes...

This stack:
The Saga of Swamp Thing #1 (1982)
Power Girl #1 (2009)
Marvel Premiere featuring Doctor Who #'s 59, 60 (1981)
Action Comics #815 (2004)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #'s 1-4 (1992)

Swamp Thing #1
Story: Martin Pasko Art: Tom Yeates
Expected a lot more out of this for some reason. Strictly set up and origin story but nothing of any real interest happens. If you though 'Red Lanterns' could be read while listening to the 'Dawson's Creek' theme, try this and the 'Doogie Howser' theme. Swampy is as in his head as Atrocitus, probably more so, he just has a better vocabulary. Bury this... in a swamp, if you must...

Power Girl #1
Story: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti Art: Amanda Conner
Actually, promising, lol. I know she catches a lot of flak for the tits on display but she certainly displays some solid super heroics, as well. She's an interesting as a superhero and in her secret alter ego. I have to say, though, given the history and "use" of her breasts the new DC version will lose some points (and cup sizes) if they tone down her look and "I have breasts, hear them roar." attitude. I'm going to say Dig...

Marvel Premiere featuring Doctor Who #59, 60
Story: Wagner and Mills Art: Dave Gibbons
Truly a spot on adaptation of a Doctor Who adventure. The humor at times was a little... "whomp-whomp"-corny but overall enjoyable. Doctor Who is the king of the hopeful yet pyrrhic victory ending and is so here. Though the sometimes dark tone of danger is not as prevalent as in the more recent shows. Still... a Dig...

Action Comics #815
hmm, I kind of liked a Superman book, weird... First, let me say that the Clark and Lois bit of the book was almost insufferable. Him whinging about his job was painful, believable and well written, but unappealing to read. The rest, his fight with the issue's baddie and some of the Teen Titans was quite good. There hasn't been much to "write home about" art-wise, this week, but Supes looks damn good here and the depiction of the fight almost completely makes up for his lack luster alter ego... almost... Sift this title. If it truly seems to be an "action" heavy book or feature a good cameo, it may be a good read. Avoid anything with Clark Kent talking...

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1's 1-4
Story: Jim Starlin Art: Angel Medina
I don't want to compare it to the last incarnation of 'The Guardians of the Galaxy', which has become a bit of a "sacred cow", but that's the closest comparison I have. I think it only lacks in the overall action department. Despite a strong unfamiliarity with the main characters I was drawn into the story and enjoyed the ride. Warlock and the Infinity Watch offers a lot of headiness and humor. be prepared for a lot of Warlock back story but otherwise if you need a little "space" in your life... Dig...

Review: Pigs #6

It’s a perpetual prison break with the usual double-cross plot-thread and a solitary confinement for the target kinda bit. What manifests here is simply…nothing except the team gunning down the guys they hired to help them in their mission - stripped down to their bare essentials. It’s a botched job and reprisal. Nothing more. To alleviate this, McCool and Crosby use a remedial sex scene that adds a mystifying tension with Felix, Havana and Ekatarina…but still nothing lets on with the pace of the story.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Invincible #89

This issue had me in the edge of my seat. There's a lot happening in this issue and my heart kept beating faster and faster as the issue progressed. As the cover implies, someone else has taken over the mantle of invincible after mark was rendered incapacitated by the scourge virus last issue. I do not know though if Kirkman really is serious about this or of its just a tongue in cheek commentary in the comic business's recent penchant for substituting black characters for white characters in the same role. Or if this is in support of black history month. I am not really a fan of the former.

Review: Star Wars: Crimson Empire #5

I love how this book is so action packed  in just about every level. It's a good edge of your seat thriller and would probably read very good as a trade. Among the past issues that I've reviewed, this is probably my favourite because it's where everything comes to a head. Art wise, from my perspective, it has finally gotten rid of the "clunkiness" that I felt was there in the early issues. The over reliance on close up shots, while still there, wasn't as annoying in this chapter as compared to the previous ones. I really liked how the plot came together in this issue.  I cannot wait for the final chapter to come out.

Review: Angel and Faith #7

The theme for this months issue is that of "sins past, and search for redemption." Gage does a good job of showing the contrasts between Angel and Drusilla ( the surprise reveal from last issue, still on sale at your local comic shop) between then and now. And only time will tell which one of them is right.  

The art as always, is spot on. It might strike others as being cartoony, but for me, it works.

Review: The Walking Dead #94

This is the second issue after Rick and his crew met Jesus and primarily is a showcase of their reaction and follow through with the information they’ve received in the past issue. Rick, ever suspicious, decides on an offensive tactic and opts to take a few good men and Jesus and find out where he came from.

The story is very well written and you’ll get what you expect from a Walking Dead comic.

Review: Hack/Slash #13

In this issue Cassie’s jungle adventure continues! It’s a “B” monster movie come to life and the story while full of campy fun still remains true to Hack/Slash and Cassie’s tale. There is a lot to be taken from this story but none of it should be taken too seriously.

The writing tends to be on par with previous Hack/Slash issues and arcs and at the basis is a lot of fun. Cassie and her crew are continuing on the adventure finding a cure for Samhain and investigating The Black Lamp Society.

Review: Immortal: Demon in the Blood #3

The story of the samurai that time passes by continues in the third instalment of “Demon in the Blood” and a lot happens in this issue. The interior art is still amazing and the cover is beautiful.

The writing in this issue is really done well and it seems to have everything the reader could hope for in the final issue. The time is much more localized and you won’t see a significant jump between the last and current issue and none within the issue itself.

Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con Indie Comic Review..!

by Chris Grisby

This past Saturday I attended the Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con, my first con in a while. While it was mostly local shops shilling their bin comics and some notable issues, there were a couple of booths of people selling their self-published comic books. And since we're all about not giving Bendis money, I decided to support some local artists.

'Impure Blood'

Published by NA Squared out of St. Paul, Minnesota, 'Impure Blood' is an indie fantasy comic with professional polish that follows the adventures of an escaped gladiator and his accomplices. Written by Nadja Baer, issue 1 is a solid introduction to the main characters and their "universe" as a whole. The characters' personalities are clear and distinct but also show a hint of depth that goes beyond the typical fantasy roles of "tank", "rogue", and "magician".

While there are no glaring examples, the dialogue does read a bit... modern. That's not a bad thing (especially since I personally hate "Thor-speak"), in a world with coliseum battles, magic and robotic-sword arms, pretty much anything can fit. Baer's humor and general tone of the story work well with the dialogue and make this an enjoyable read.

The interior and cover art, by Nathan Lueth perfectly compliments the story laid out by Baer. The line work is clean and colors, vivid. The panel layouts and pacing is spot on. Dynamic with cool overlaps, at times, but never distracting or hard to read. At $4 for 24 full color pages (no ads), you certainly get your money's worth, an entertaining read, intriguing subplots, and rich art. I just wish I hadn't been a cheap bastard and bought the following two issues they had on sale at the booth. (but hey it could've been horrible and I would've been out two vodka crans worth of money, lol...)

Luckily, the comic is online for free (or you can order for $5 plus S&H) here so you can see if I'm just talking out of my ass...

check it out and then add your comments below...

2nds: Another Anthology

2nds is a collection of four comic stories by Minnesota State students under the banner of Dragons Den Comics.

First up, 'Rocket to the Sun' by Steven Andy Stalboerger which is a short ethereal-ish comic with Snake Plissken-short dialogue. Some of the best art in the book and a strong start to the anthology though. This story of the first flight post World War III is simple, yet effective...

'Dragons Den: Chapter I' by Emilie bailey and Danielle Holzschuh is sort of a character study in nerd and romance with a generous helping of humor (and tiny pet dragons no one seems to think is odd). The simple (and black and white) art style works for the story but slight pixelation, from what I assume was the enlarging process to fit the larger page format, hurts the experience. While it sort of seems obvious where the story is going, likable characters and great execution more than make up for a simple plot...

'Galina Powers, Monster Hunter' by Carl Stewart is by far my favorite. It sort of reads like "What If... MTV's Daria and Jane had a lovechild that grew up to kill monsters?" Weird, but it works. I'm on the fence about the sketch-style ink pen work and brushstroke painted style. But I think that is just because I like th concept of the comic so much I want to see it in the traditional comic style. I do however hate the lettering/speech bubbles. Its jarring that their styles don't mesh with the comic art at all...

'Honor Alliance: Exposed Pt. 1' by John Berdahl and Tate Mlady was the hardest comic to get into. Even though this was part one of the story I felt left out of the loop of previous happenings within this comic world. The comic sports MAD magazine styled adaptations to DC's Justice League archetypal characters and a 'Watchmen'-type attitude and story. Their interesting aspects but this is decompressed to DCNU Justice League level. Can't say that I'd definitely buy a future issue but I'd definitely be tempted. The last panels of the space station scene and the section on the character in Africa are so well done and the comic's saving grace. The art and writing in those parts set a high bar for where future issues would need to be to bring me back in...

Check out the Dragons Den Comics site here (or order copies)...

All the above work is copyrighted and all rights reserved to their respective owners/creators...

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Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp goes threadless, Dustin Nguyen is the same bat (adventure) time, Rafael Albuquerque get's out his Talons, Terry Moore goes digital, Fabio Moon get's his bat on, Jamie McKelvie is a phonomancer, Francesco Francavilla get's out the ray guns, Peter David live blogs the oscars, Bryan Lee O'Malley lets someone grow up, Brian Wood combines space with sport, Becky Cloonan does a gig poster, Ryan Ottley is a prophet and Phil Noto plays with GI Joes.

BOOM! Presents Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness!

From BOOM!: "BOOM! Town and Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment bring world-famous underground musician and artist Daniel Johnston to comics this April with his new graphic novel SPACE DUCKS: AN INFINITE COMIC BOOK OF MUSICAL GREATNESS.

A celebrated musician and recording artist with a 30-year career that includes over 20 albums -- including covers by Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, Beck, and TV on the Radio -- Johnston was the subject of the 2006 documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" which won the Sundance Film Festival Director's Award.

Image Comics' Moriarty to Become a Musical!

From Image Comics: "Announced at the 2012 Image Comics Expo, Daniel Corey is partnering with composer Raymond Schnurr to create a new stage musical based on the Image Comics series MORIARTY, written by Daniel Corey and illustrated by Anthony Diecidue.

Currently titled MORIARTY, the stage musical will be loosely based on the first story arc of the MORIARTY series,
MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER. Corey will be writing the story while Schnurr - who is also currently scoring We Can Get It For You Wholesale for Neil Gaiman -

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Renaldo's Reviews: GI Joe, Mondo, Wolverine and the X-Men, Catwoman, Fantastic Four

GI JOE – Retaliation Prequel #1

Not a bad offering considering the travesty of the first film. Roadblock is taken for a high road as he and Snake Eyes go through the early days of encountering Ninja in war. It’s no shock to see the mission orchestrated by Zartan and Storm Shadow as a trial run to see the effectiveness of the Arashikage in missions, but it plays out nicely as we see an enraged Roadblock, that the Rock seems a fit for. It’s casualties and it’s inner turmoil as we see an intense few panels where General Hawk is speaking to a superior, under much duress as

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Top 5: Robots in Comics

shield top 5
This week, we count down the top 5 robots in comics, as voted by members of the facebook group. 

The rules stated that the Robot must be fully machine - AI and androids count, but Bionic man doesn't.
As always, the very nature of lists means that absolutely no one will agree with it, but feel free to voice your opinions in the comments.
See the countdown

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Issue in 5 Friday..! Flash #6

Miss this week's issue of Flash (or the last 5)..? Here's a review of it in just 5 panels so you can decide to get on board or make fun of the people going along for the ride...

Comics Swap Shop: Thoughts on Comic Book Men

I was never really "chomping at the bit" to see this show. I've seen "Pawn Stars" and "Storage Wars" and have been WAITING for those shows to show a nice cache of cool vintage comics. Hoping for those to appear.

So why cant I get amped for a show about comics? I'm not sure.
After 2 episodes the show is still finding its legs but the characters fall a bit flat for me so far.

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Nerd Caption Thursday..!

This week's winner is from Patrick Church...

Back of the Bin Wednesday Reviews..! (a little delayed)

Back of the Bin Reviews
by Chris Grisby

Aaaaaaahahahahalrightythennnnn. It’s the religious edition of Back of the Bin. Wolvie’s included because fanboys treat him like he’s Jesus… and Batman is God… As always: Dig equals “buy it now”, Sift equals “buy cautiously”, and Bury equals “IT’S A TRAP!”…

This stack:
Guardian Line Preview Issue #0 (2006)
X-Men: Wrath of Apocalypse #1 (1996)
Avengelyne #14 (1997)
Hercules: And the Heart of Chaos #1 (1997)
Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine #50, 86 (1990)
Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1 (1994)
Married With Children #1 (1990)

Guardian Line Preview Issue # 0
This black and white indie preview of the Guardian comics line of “faith-based” comics featuring black characters, showed real promise. It’s a shame it wasn’t in color as the color cover art was dynamic enough to draw even my heathen ass in. With comic characters from kid and his super-powered buddy-angel to a John Constantine-type, this line covered the superhero comic bases and seemed to execute them interestingly and effectively. I’m giving this a Sift due to its lack of color and subject matter. If you happen to run across this it is not a guarantee you’ll like it but it wouldn’t be a sign of the Apocalypse if you did…

X-Men: Wrath of Apocalypse # 1
Actually a collection of X-Factor issues 65-68, this is a must read for current X-readers. So much great characterization is on display here and a lot of elements of today’s books. Including Cyke playing a calculating military leader to a tee and getting called on it by Bobby (look who used to stand up to him). Bobby even uses ice drones in ish 67 (recently seen in Wolverine and the X-Men). While Claremont uses too many “YOW!”s his scripting and analysis of these characters is superb. Coupled with great art and cameos from the Avengers and the Inhumans this book could only get a Dig…

Avengelyne # 14
For never having read an Avengelyne comic this was a new reader friendly issue. Though for being from the “Extreme” line of comics this was pretty tame, albeit entertaining. The Lobo-esque bounty hunter, Blood Wulf, is front and center and likeable but I didn’t get a real sense of the title’s main character. Going to have to say… Sift. This ish was kind of fun but lacked any depth and promise for future issues…

Hercules: And the Heart of Chaos # 1
This limited series pits Herc against Ares and is a fair showing from Marvel’s Prince of Power (and fair showing of skin on the cover art). A fair amount of Greek lore is used while still very much in the modern world. I’d have to rate this comic as…fair. Not essential but if Greek myth, fair super heroics and story, or shirtless Hercules tickle your fancy this’ll do if you run across it… Sift...

Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine # 50, 86
You all should know of my almost absolute hatred of Wolvie, by now, but I couldn’t resist picking up these issues at a bargain price. A collection of 4 serial styled stories about a variety of Marvel characters with some great characterization, MCP is a great afternoon read. While issue 50 was actually a bit of a letdown, 86 was almost perfect. 86 featured stories with Wolvie, Firestar, Beast, and Paladin. Sift for this title and check the back cover to see who’s in the other stories to help pick out a good ish…

Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder # 1
This adaptation of the video game classic published by Malibu comics was sure to be horrible but I was pleasantly surprised. The interior art has eye-popping color with a mix of ‘toon and superhero style (without all the hokeyness). If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll actually recognize some scenes which endears the movies to me all the more. Going to have to say… Dig for this title. There’s plenty of humor, martial arts, mysticism, super powers and a splash page of Raiden, God of Thunder…

Married With Children #1
The Now Comics published version of the 90’s TV show mimicked much of the show’s biting humor but too noticeably lacks the delivery of the actors. This comic is too dated and light to get a recommendation unless you’re a superfan… Bury…

Simon Pegg Wishes 2000AD a Happy Birthday!

From Rebellion: "British comedian turned Hollywood star, Simon Pegg, has wished the legendary British comic book 2000 AD a happy 35th birthday in a special video message.

On The Cover: Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is the master of the modern comic book cover. Johnson has a deep understanding of the principles of cover design, which he shows of with every new cover he does. He won the Eisner Award for best cover artist in 2002 for his work on 100 Bullets, and has continued to striking covers. Check out a showcase of his work after the jump!

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Review: Dark Horse Presents #9

Dark Horse tantalises their readers yet again with even more short stories and serials. Boasting such creators as Mike Mignola, Brian Wood, Paul Pope, Thomas Yeates and Steve Leiber, DHP #8 showcases some of the finest talent in comics. Engaging stories compliment the buffet of artistic styles like a cabernet with a grilled steak, making for a mouthwatering comics experience.

Mike Mignola’s Lobster Johnson story was perfect period noir – dark, gritty and even a scene in the rain.

Review: RASL #13

Bone creator Jeff Smith delivers once again with RASL 13. The story of a dimension hopping scientist art thief takes a big leap forward this issue, as Rasl goes all Mission Impossible in his attempt to stop a universe shattering event. There’s a generous amount of action, a little suspense and some powerful emoting thrown in for good measure.

RASL is back in his own dimension, and breaks into the St George Array to try and shut down the universe bending experiment.

Review: Star Wars: Dark Times #4

I cannot help but think, as I read this issue, that the title is so ironic. Dark times...and yet when I read it, the predominant feeling inside me is fun, fun and more fun!

The art is gorgeous! Doug Wheatly has outdone himself here. While the writing is not bad at all, it's the art that actually took my attention in this issue.

Review: L'il Depressed Boy #9

Li’l Depressed Boy is really at its core about LDB trying to fit into the world. I think this issue follows that and we see LDB struggle to make ends meet after an incident from issue 8 takes most of his money for repairing his broken door. The majority of the story focuses on LDB as he searches for a new job.

The story is pretty much on par with what I’ve read so far. For a tale concerning a walking, talking rag doll interpretation of a heartbroken boy it seems very realistic. I found myself putting myself in his shoes, even though he’d never wear mine, and I related.

Review: No Place Like Home #1

This is a comic that’s been a long time coming. Since I’ve heard of the concept I’ve been very excited to actually read it. The premise is simple it’s not a re-telling or a parody of “The Wizard of OZ” but it uses concepts and familiar references to link the two. The film has a cameo role in one scene and also tells the story of Dee and her return to Emeraldsville, Kansas.

The story has a great tone and feel to it and does a good job at pulling the reader into the mystery revolving around Emeraldsville, it’s inhabitants and what happened to them in 1959. This is all happening while there is a killer on the loose supposedly murdering the town folk.

Recap: Walking Dead 2.09 - Triggerfinger

Having seen Rick Grimes tailor and doctor a bad situation into something monstrous yet necessary for his camp's survival was intriguing in the last episode. Furthermore, it compounded the fading hope of Hershel and Glen, as the tide turned and emotions ran on edge, with a moral compass turning south for Grimes, and as this issue shows, it's turning south for more of the endearing camp. They just may not be as caring anymore as a lot of people are doing what they can to survive, turning into their worst fears or greatest enemy with their primordial yet basic, natural instinct - kill the zombies or kill the humans...even their own...if it means they'll stay alive.

Top Shelf Digital Discount Bonanza!

From Top Shelf: It's been three months since Top Shelf launched headfirst into the world of digital comics distribution -- and we've got to call it a huge success! Now to celebrate, we're announcing tons of new discounts on our digital comics. These universal prices apply to our two official iPhone/iPad apps as well as every other ebook store (Comixology, Graphicly, iVerse, Google Books, Apple iBooks, Nook, etc).

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Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp glares with snake eyes, Fabio Moon likes his coffee black, Joe Hill talks about talking about politics, Jeff Smith works a puppet, Bryan Lee O'Malley makes a mess, David Aja shows off, Skottie Young warms up with Gran'ma, Neil Gaiman speaks, Branson Graham loves cats, Dave Johnson and Francesco Francavillia go cosmic, Jorge Munoz is a prophet, Phil Noto draws a spider and Mike Allred cranks out pure awesome sauce.

Male Cosplay Monday..! Jason Trent Tribute...

In honor of our CBNAHer Jason Trent here is one of his favorite characters, genderswapped, for this week's Male Cosplay Monday... (It was damn hard trying to find any and I only found the one so had to go with some cool artwork I found along the way...)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rest in Peace Jason Trent

Sadly, comics fan and CBNAHer Jason Trent was tragically killed in a car accident yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He loved the X-Men, Storm in particular, Fringe, video games and redheads. He will be missed.

When you pass through the waters,
   I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
   they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
   you will not be burned;
   the flames will not set you ablaze.
Isaiah 43:2

Top 5: Beards in Comics

shield top 5
This week, we count down the top 5 beards in comics, as voted by members of the facebook group. 

The rules stated that the facial hair must be a beard - that is on the chin as well as the top lip.
As always, the very nature of lists means that absolutely no one will agree with it, but feel free to voice your opinions in the comments.
See the countdown

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Surprise Saturday..! I Got Nothin'...

So the surprise is... I didn't finish the project I was working on but here's a random tiny morsel to tide you over until Stripper Sunday. Here is who the "Celebrity Look Alike Generator" matched up with our creator Oz...

Who’s Got The Magic In Them?

by CJ Pulluaim

In both the major comic book houses, there exist powers even beyond the comprehension of the imaginary science created by the writers to explain superpowers. That, my friends, is when it hits the fan because, to quote my favorite six-armed inter-dimensional sorceress, “where science ends, magic begins”.

The magic employed the various practitioners of the DC and Marvel Universes has done amazing things. Doctor Strange was voted by us as one of the strongest Avengers ever and went head to head with the Phoenix (in our CBNAH Avengers vs. X-Men Tournament) and some say he was robbed. So, I decided to rank the best magic users “According to CJ”. I realize your list may be different and that’s why I love you guys, so feel free to share with me what you think. Ok here we go……. Expelliarmus!

10. Raven
The daughter of the demon Trigon. Raven has, deep in her, magical powers that she doesn’t use often enough to merit a higher placement on this list. Oh but when she does, she shuts the house down. She was strong enough to defeat all seven of her brothers and the adult titans. Also, she was able to completely destroy a demon army 3,000 strong.

9. Wiccan
Billy Kaplan may not be as seasoned as a lot of people on this list but here me out, he is plenty powerful. The son of the Scarlet Witch, born to other people due to some voodoo I'm not quite sure of, Billy has the magic in him. He can speak the outcomes he wishes for into being by chanting and focusing. As he has progressed, he has been shown to perform very complicated spells without speaking. He was also a candidate for the next sorcerer supreme. He can only go up from here.

8. Magik
Now don’t get mad, I know this seems bad but there is a lot of steep magical competition that the sorceress supreme of limbo is at number 8. Illyana Rasputin is untouchable in the dimension of limbo, however, her magic is severely limited on earth. Her soulsword can still be used and with the use of her natural mutant ability of teleportation, she’s always one disk away from owning you.

7. Zatanna
Born in to a magical dynasty in the DC universe, Zatanna Zatara is often seen as one of their most powerful sorceresses. She cast spells by speaking its intent backwards. Her reliance on having to speak has been exploited by many of her enemies. However, at times, she has cast spells without speak and extreme cases written them in her own blood (still backwards though). She heals major injuries, even rebuilt Catwoman’s heart and resurrected Metropolis from its own ruins. The Zatara legacy continues strong in this sultry siren.

6. Enchantress
Amora is an Asgard sorceress in the Marvel U, often an ally of Loki with a serious mad on for Thor. Her abilities to control ambient magic have been sharpened over centuries of practice. Firing energy, making shields, telekinesis, transmutation, illusions and even inter dimensional travel are well within her grasp. She also uses her powers to enhance her beauty and allure men so much that one kiss from her makes any man her slave for a while. From where I’m sitting that might not be so bad.

5. Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom is one bad mofo. On top of being a genius, he is also a skilled master of the mystical arts. Trained by Tibetan monks and honing his skills against the likes of every major hero in the Marvel Universe. He is capable of controlling forms of mystical energy, teleportation and summoning, just to name a few of his magical feats. Just the mere mention of his name is enough to knock the smile off the face of any hero.

4. Morgan LeFay
Morgan LeFay is a magical powerhouse in both Houses. In Marvel, she is a student of Merlin who is part fairy and has spent centuries honing her skills. Her abilities allow her to manipulate all earthly energies as well as cast illusions, create shields, mind control, astral projection, and many other powers. It is said that she may tap into other magics rather than her own so that she doesn’t tax her own. It is also believed that she has all powers humanly possible. I don’t know what that means but it sounds AWESOME!!!!

3. Circe
Circe is a goddess level immortal sorceress and thorn in Wonder Woman’s side. She is indeed the Circe of myth, who turned Odysseus’ men into swine. She is able to bend matter and reality through the use of magic. She can also alter minds, fire destructive magical energy blasts, create illusions, revive the dead, teleport, and transform objects and beings. She also has the all-powerful mirror of Circe. It changes the features of anyone holding it.

2. Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange is a practitioner of the mystical arts trained by the Ancient One, after seeking him out to heal his hands damaged in the car accident that ended his career as a world class surgeon. *gasp for air* He was so damn good he became the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. Eternity remarked that Doctor Strange is more powerful than any other humanoid being. Although he lost to the Phoenix, let’s remember she’s not exactly human. He draws upon the powers of several mystical entities and has the ability to do just about anything. He has defeated some of the most powerful foes in the Marvel Universe including Mephisto, the In-Betweener and the Beyonder. So who or what could top this?

1. Scarlet Witch
Clearly a magical badass, there is no doubt that the Scarlet Witch deserves to be here. Born on Wundagore, a place filled with mystery and chaos, she was affected by the mystic energies there augmenting her natural abilities. In the beginning, her powers were hex bolts that were able to alter probability in order to make impossible things possible. Even then, it was very hard for her to control. Her powers grew, as she used them, and it was discovered that she was manipulating chaos magic, which may or may not exist, and this is where things get icky. She has subtly abused great magics to conceive and birth children, leading to her reality warping powers going crazy when repressed memories of them began to surface. She created an entire alternate reality giving every hero exactly what they wanted. When this failed, she stripped the world’s 16 million mutants of their powers. Leaving a few behind, of course. This act was unable to be undone by anyone in the Marvel U and affected the entire mulitverse, making her magical badass number one.