Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recap: Walking Dead 2.09 - Triggerfinger

Having seen Rick Grimes tailor and doctor a bad situation into something monstrous yet necessary for his camp's survival was intriguing in the last episode. Furthermore, it compounded the fading hope of Hershel and Glen, as the tide turned and emotions ran on edge, with a moral compass turning south for Grimes, and as this issue shows, it's turning south for more of the endearing camp. They just may not be as caring anymore as a lot of people are doing what they can to survive, turning into their worst fears or greatest enemy with their primordial yet basic, natural instinct - kill the zombies or kill the humans...even their own...if it means they'll stay alive.

Grimes and his posse are faced with a moral dilemma as they have a reluctant addition to their crew but it's even more misery when Rick's vulnerability to go bad-ass is exposed by Lori. The camp is polarized and sides are being taken, lines being drawn, with all the pacifists seemingly taking a hard-stance...and all the hard-asses...torn in between a rock and a harder place.
Shane, Daryl and Andrea suffer further emotional attrition when they realize they may not belong in this camp and that they're lust for blood and a sense of hope, better fits and ensures their survival if they do things THEIR way.
That's what the moral of the story is - there is not right or wrong anymore...and it's up in the air as to whose way is the right way.
Rick finds himself pierced with a scared wife, Shane finds himself with too few allies in a rustling and depreciating world, Daryl is regressing from something virtuous and altruistic while Hershel finds himself looking at a farm now devoid of warmth and love. Glen can attest to this...The farm is now a target for zombies and humans, walkers and the living roaming...not the walking dead.
Will Rick take up the call-to-arms and finally address the distress and mistrust that Shane is brewing? It's too slow for my taste...but I can't help fall in love with the drama...

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