Monday, February 6, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp's a hero, Phil Noto's a kitty, Terry Moore fights for his supper, JH Williams III is mainstream, Joe Hill puts up a door, Sean Phillips shows off, Skottie Young casts a spell, Peter David introduces his daughter to Star Wars, Jeremy Bastian is a freak, Chrissie Zullo draws some women, Jeff Lemire is full on DC, Dustin Nguyen goes beyond the JL, Francesco Francavilla goes to space, Will Wheaton, Felicia Day and Jamie McKelvie collaborate, Ryan Ottley rsides in the DMZ and Dustin Weaver os Astonishing.

- This week's
Dan Hipp:

Phil Noto draws Kitty Pryde:

Terry Moore wants you all to pre-order the Rachel Rising Vol. 1 trade:
You can now order the first Rachel Rising  TPB: The Shadow Of Death, at Amazon for early discount. It ships next month, March. I encourage you to order from them if a store is not convenient, because we want Amazon to like Rachel. Please post any good reviews you may have on Rachel, or any of my books there. It really helps with ratings and my future ability to list new books there in the future. Thanks!

- JH Williams III got a spotlight in USA Today:
Co-writer/artist J.H. Williams III and co-writer W. Haden Blackman most fondly remember the comics growing up that focused more on story than just beating up bad guys, and that's what they aim for when crafting the adventures of Kate Kane and her cowled alter-ego in
Gotham City.

"It wasn't always 'Let's get to the villain' — there was actual character interactions that were very profound and ended up having some sort of comment on the bigger action stuff," Williams says. "That shows in the work we're doing now."

The current Batwoman character has made a major impact in the DC Universe since first appearing in the maxiseries 52 six years ago. The Detective Comics "Elegy" run from Williams and writer Greg Rucka featuring her was an instant classic, and the portrayal of the lesbian superheroine garnered a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic Book in 2010. (The new Batwoman comic is up for the same honor this year as well.)

Joe Hill installed some new doors in his place:

- Here's a sweet new
Sean Phillips:

Skottie Young has a bunch of new sketches this week, including this one of Hermione:

Peter David Introduced his daughter Caroline to the original Star Wars movies with an interesting result:

We just completed a long-overdue aspect of nine-year-old Caroline’s education by finishing up showing her the only three “Star Wars” films that really matter: Eps 4, 5 and 6. She actually sobbed copiously when Vader died. You know, we spend so much time bitching about Lucas doing this, that and the other think that sometimes we forget the power these films can pack, especially for younger viewers.

Then we asked her the obvious question. Which of the three was her favorite?

Without hesitation she said, “Return of the Jedi.” I said, “Because of the Ewoks?” She said, “No, because of Leia. This is the first movie she kicked ass.” And I thought about that and realized she was right.

In “A New Hope,” Leia is captured, tortured, waits for rescue. Yes, granted, she immediately takes charge while castigating the guys, shooting Stormtroopers, and leading them into the dumpster. But once they escape the Death Star, she basically allows the Millennium Falcon to lead the bad guys right to the rebel HQ (remember, she says the Empire let them escape; it should have been obvious why) and then stands there silently hoping they don’t get blown up while a slew of men take care of business; she doesn’t have a word of dialogue for the last fifteen minutes except to welcome Luke and Han back.

Jeremy Bastian has a new print that he's selling on his convention round:

- Yay!
Chrissie Zullo!

Jeff Lemire takes over Justice League Dark:
Following the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK/I,VAMPIRE crossover in issues 7 & 8, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK will have a new writer.

Beginning with issue #9, superstar Jeff Lemire (ANIMAL MAN, SWEET TOOTH) will be taking over the reins. We asked Lemire about following the sage Peter Milligan and what he’s got planned and here’s what he has to say:

“This is my dream gig at DC Comics, no doubt about it. The characters in Justice League Dark are my absolute favorite in the DC Comics stable, and I can’t believe I’m actually getting a chance to write John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman (as well as a few new team members!).

I have a huge amount of respect for Peter Milligan. I’ve loved everything he’s done since his original SHADE run in the pre-Vertigo days of DC to his current run on Hellblazer and JL Dark. It’s a bit daunting to take over this title from someone who I revere as much as Peter, but at the same time I can’t help but be inspired by the work he’s already done with this book.

Dustin Nguyen presents Justice League Beyond:

- Francesco Francavilla posted this

Will Wheaton, Felicia Day and Jamie McKelvie are making a Fawkes comic:
At long last, it can be revealed: Felicia and I wrote a Fawkes comic together.

Felicia Day and The Guild are back, along with costar Wil Wheaton, for a brand-new story spotlighting Fawkes, the dashing, debonair, and douchey leader of the evil guild Axis of Anarchy! His relationship with Codex threatened to tear the Knights of Good apart until he was thrown off a balcony for his treatment of her. Set after season 4 of the show, this issue reveals how Fawkes deals with his split from Codex and navigates the aggressive personalities of the Axis, and follows his journey to his surprising state when he returns in season 5!

I’m incredibly proud of this, and I can’t wait for people to read it.
It comes out on May 23, and is the first issue set during the series. Covers by Paul Duffield and Emma Rios, art by Jamie McKelvie.

- Ryan Ottley does Brian Wood's DMZ for the

Dustin Weaver's been busy on Astonishing X-Men:

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