Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back of the Bin Wednesday Reviews..!

by Chris Grisby

Its a cosmic themed 'Back of the Bin', this week. Don't space out its a short stack this week... Dig, go buy it. Sift, search for key issues. Bury, do not read, even with your worst enemies eyes...

This stack:
The Saga of Swamp Thing #1 (1982)
Power Girl #1 (2009)
Marvel Premiere featuring Doctor Who #'s 59, 60 (1981)
Action Comics #815 (2004)
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #'s 1-4 (1992)

Swamp Thing #1
Story: Martin Pasko Art: Tom Yeates
Expected a lot more out of this for some reason. Strictly set up and origin story but nothing of any real interest happens. If you though 'Red Lanterns' could be read while listening to the 'Dawson's Creek' theme, try this and the 'Doogie Howser' theme. Swampy is as in his head as Atrocitus, probably more so, he just has a better vocabulary. Bury this... in a swamp, if you must...

Power Girl #1
Story: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti Art: Amanda Conner
Actually, promising, lol. I know she catches a lot of flak for the tits on display but she certainly displays some solid super heroics, as well. She's an interesting as a superhero and in her secret alter ego. I have to say, though, given the history and "use" of her breasts the new DC version will lose some points (and cup sizes) if they tone down her look and "I have breasts, hear them roar." attitude. I'm going to say Dig...

Marvel Premiere featuring Doctor Who #59, 60
Story: Wagner and Mills Art: Dave Gibbons
Truly a spot on adaptation of a Doctor Who adventure. The humor at times was a little... "whomp-whomp"-corny but overall enjoyable. Doctor Who is the king of the hopeful yet pyrrhic victory ending and is so here. Though the sometimes dark tone of danger is not as prevalent as in the more recent shows. Still... a Dig...

Action Comics #815
hmm, I kind of liked a Superman book, weird... First, let me say that the Clark and Lois bit of the book was almost insufferable. Him whinging about his job was painful, believable and well written, but unappealing to read. The rest, his fight with the issue's baddie and some of the Teen Titans was quite good. There hasn't been much to "write home about" art-wise, this week, but Supes looks damn good here and the depiction of the fight almost completely makes up for his lack luster alter ego... almost... Sift this title. If it truly seems to be an "action" heavy book or feature a good cameo, it may be a good read. Avoid anything with Clark Kent talking...

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1's 1-4
Story: Jim Starlin Art: Angel Medina
I don't want to compare it to the last incarnation of 'The Guardians of the Galaxy', which has become a bit of a "sacred cow", but that's the closest comparison I have. I think it only lacks in the overall action department. Despite a strong unfamiliarity with the main characters I was drawn into the story and enjoyed the ride. Warlock and the Infinity Watch offers a lot of headiness and humor. be prepared for a lot of Warlock back story but otherwise if you need a little "space" in your life... Dig...

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