Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Immortal: Demon in the Blood #3

The story of the samurai that time passes by continues in the third instalment of “Demon in the Blood” and a lot happens in this issue. The interior art is still amazing and the cover is beautiful.

The writing in this issue is really done well and it seems to have everything the reader could hope for in the final issue. The time is much more localized and you won’t see a significant jump between the last and current issue and none within the issue itself.

Ian Edington seems to really understand this story and is appreciative of giving each of the characters their own voice. There are just enough answers given to leave the reader satisfied but still eager for the long awaited conclusion. There are many feelings going on in this issue in concern to Enma the “loneliest creature in the world” and his supporting cast; mainly, Natsu and her struggle to be in the life of someone who will eventually live past her. There are many more happenings including questions from a British reporter who knows too much and the confrontation you’ve been waiting for, all brought to us with writing that is engaging and consistent.

The art is what initially drew me to this series. The covers are very beautiful and engaging to look at and there isn’t a big transition to the interiors. Vicenc Villagrasa does an amazing job of bring the story to life on the page and his work with Jose Luis Rio’s colors adds a whole other dimension to the feel of the story. I honestly feel that it wouldn’t be as great without the both of them working in tandem. Each scene is a visual treat and with the turn of the page you really get drawn into Enma’s story. Even if you may not be interested in the premise of this story you will be engaged by the art. It’s beautiful.

Together with the art and story this is one comic I’ve yet to be let down by. Even though this story is concluding it’s never lost steam and continues to connect visually and through story content. The whole time reading you can feel how epic this story is and even though it’s been contained within four issues it really has created a grand feel of an important story, one that hasn’t been told. I would suggest picking this issue up. The creators really have a great handle on this story and how it should be presented. I have enjoyed each issue more than the last and I think everyone could enjoy this tale.

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