Monday, February 27, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp goes threadless, Dustin Nguyen is the same bat (adventure) time, Rafael Albuquerque get's out his Talons, Terry Moore goes digital, Fabio Moon get's his bat on, Jamie McKelvie is a phonomancer, Francesco Francavilla get's out the ray guns, Peter David live blogs the oscars, Bryan Lee O'Malley lets someone grow up, Brian Wood combines space with sport, Becky Cloonan does a gig poster, Ryan Ottley is a prophet and Phil Noto plays with GI Joes.

Dan Hipp submitted a T-Shirt design to threadless. Vote for it here!

Dustin Nguyen does Adventure Time:

Rafael Albuquerque designs a Talon for Batman: Night of the Owls:

Terry Moore is on Comixology:
Today Rachel went up for sale on ComiXology! Issues 1-5 are now available. Issue #1 is 99cents, the rest are $1.99 each. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, beginning with the next issue, ComiXology will post same day releases of all new Rachel issues. That means, Rachel Rising #6 hits stores everywhere and ComiXology the same day, March 7.
Details: The price on new issues will be cover price, just like the stores, and will remain cover price until the following new issue comes out. Then #6 will go down to $1.99 and join the others in the catalog. Sound fair? I think so. I talked to some key retailers about it and they agreed it was an equitable arrangement. Nobody has the jump or price advantage during that critical new issue window.
The goal is to sell Rachel Rising through as many stores as possible. ComiXology is my online store, and the best there is. I’m very happy to join their ranks!Picture-1-500x299

Fabio Moon draws Batman and Robin:

Jamie McKelvie announced a new Phonogram project:


Francesco Francavilla added a Ray Gun WhatNot:

- Peter David live blogs the Oscars:

Hi, and welcome to the annual tradition here at of live-blogging the Oscars. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. It’s not limited to 140 characters a comment (or response for that matter). And best of all, it guarantees that I’ll stay awake.
I’ve been paying mild attention to the red carpet. Every year I come to the same two conclusions: Women will wear damned near anything, and no man on the planet looks as good in a tux as Pierce Brosnan did in the Bond films. Also, good news: apparently Cirque du Soleil will be doing a performance at some point.
So…let’s all get ready and hope no one gets a paper cut opening an envelope.
8:30: No one back stage could have said to Morgan Freeman, “Hold still. Let me straighten your tie.” Really? That’s not anyone’s job?
8:31: Well, the montage is off to a good start.
8:32: Rick Santorum just shat himself when Clooney kissed Billy Crystal.
8:33: As the 18 to 24 year olds wonder not only who Billy Crystal is, but why he’s in blackface calling himself “Sammy.” What’s up with that?, they’ll be wondering. Isn’t blackface totally insulting?
8:34: More people saw “Tin Tin” just then than when the film was in the theaters.
8:35: Let’s see how long til there’s a Ricky Jervais joke.

Bryan Lee O'Malley posted a sketch of an old Raleigh from Lost at Sea:


Brian Wood posted the cover to a new mini series he's writing:

Becky Cloonan did a gig poster:

Ryan Ottley pays homage to Graham and Roy's Prophet:

Phil Noto's Scarlet and the Baroness:

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