Friday, February 24, 2012

Comics Swap Shop: Thoughts on Comic Book Men

I was never really "chomping at the bit" to see this show. I've seen "Pawn Stars" and "Storage Wars" and have been WAITING for those shows to show a nice cache of cool vintage comics. Hoping for those to appear.

So why cant I get amped for a show about comics? I'm not sure.
After 2 episodes the show is still finding its legs but the characters fall a bit flat for me so far.

 Walt - is a hustler - he buys and sells, knows the material. Maybe its his accent but I expect him to pull out a pint at anytime. This guy would be the same if he were working a dock or running a fruit stand.

Mike - not sure what he adds just yet.. He seems intent to learn and is content to be along for the ride. I dont have a feel what hes about yet.

Ming - Seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes. He must be the newest fish in the fish tank while every body finds a pecking order.

Bryan - Is that gruff SOB that most comic shops seem to have. He feeds off the weak to fuel his self esteem. His main meal seems to be Chicken a al Ming.

Kevin - He shows up and MC's the table to facilitate discussions.. He missed the Bat-Mobile and the nutty folks that come in. There is a goofy scene with Hockey that was was odd. I'm not a hockey "guy" but other than that I could be Kevin Smith. Well a version of him without fame, wealth and talent. I've worn a beard for years (till recently), I'm funny, I still hang out with some of my old friends from HS and comics rule.. Tell me we aren't virtual twins with a straight face....

I've got the T-shirt..
I guess that's the crux of the biscuit for me. I could be on that show and not miss a beat. I have too much in common with those guys. A shared experience of comics, we've lived thru the same cultural events, of a similar age. I have a "there's a nothing new under the sun" outlook for this show after 2 mere episodes. They aren't taking me anywhere new. They aren't taking me on a journey of discovery. At least not yet....

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