Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who’s Got The Magic In Them?

by CJ Pulluaim

In both the major comic book houses, there exist powers even beyond the comprehension of the imaginary science created by the writers to explain superpowers. That, my friends, is when it hits the fan because, to quote my favorite six-armed inter-dimensional sorceress, “where science ends, magic begins”.

The magic employed the various practitioners of the DC and Marvel Universes has done amazing things. Doctor Strange was voted by us as one of the strongest Avengers ever and went head to head with the Phoenix (in our CBNAH Avengers vs. X-Men Tournament) and some say he was robbed. So, I decided to rank the best magic users “According to CJ”. I realize your list may be different and that’s why I love you guys, so feel free to share with me what you think. Ok here we go……. Expelliarmus!

10. Raven
The daughter of the demon Trigon. Raven has, deep in her, magical powers that she doesn’t use often enough to merit a higher placement on this list. Oh but when she does, she shuts the house down. She was strong enough to defeat all seven of her brothers and the adult titans. Also, she was able to completely destroy a demon army 3,000 strong.

9. Wiccan
Billy Kaplan may not be as seasoned as a lot of people on this list but here me out, he is plenty powerful. The son of the Scarlet Witch, born to other people due to some voodoo I'm not quite sure of, Billy has the magic in him. He can speak the outcomes he wishes for into being by chanting and focusing. As he has progressed, he has been shown to perform very complicated spells without speaking. He was also a candidate for the next sorcerer supreme. He can only go up from here.

8. Magik
Now don’t get mad, I know this seems bad but there is a lot of steep magical competition that the sorceress supreme of limbo is at number 8. Illyana Rasputin is untouchable in the dimension of limbo, however, her magic is severely limited on earth. Her soulsword can still be used and with the use of her natural mutant ability of teleportation, she’s always one disk away from owning you.

7. Zatanna
Born in to a magical dynasty in the DC universe, Zatanna Zatara is often seen as one of their most powerful sorceresses. She cast spells by speaking its intent backwards. Her reliance on having to speak has been exploited by many of her enemies. However, at times, she has cast spells without speak and extreme cases written them in her own blood (still backwards though). She heals major injuries, even rebuilt Catwoman’s heart and resurrected Metropolis from its own ruins. The Zatara legacy continues strong in this sultry siren.

6. Enchantress
Amora is an Asgard sorceress in the Marvel U, often an ally of Loki with a serious mad on for Thor. Her abilities to control ambient magic have been sharpened over centuries of practice. Firing energy, making shields, telekinesis, transmutation, illusions and even inter dimensional travel are well within her grasp. She also uses her powers to enhance her beauty and allure men so much that one kiss from her makes any man her slave for a while. From where I’m sitting that might not be so bad.

5. Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom is one bad mofo. On top of being a genius, he is also a skilled master of the mystical arts. Trained by Tibetan monks and honing his skills against the likes of every major hero in the Marvel Universe. He is capable of controlling forms of mystical energy, teleportation and summoning, just to name a few of his magical feats. Just the mere mention of his name is enough to knock the smile off the face of any hero.

4. Morgan LeFay
Morgan LeFay is a magical powerhouse in both Houses. In Marvel, she is a student of Merlin who is part fairy and has spent centuries honing her skills. Her abilities allow her to manipulate all earthly energies as well as cast illusions, create shields, mind control, astral projection, and many other powers. It is said that she may tap into other magics rather than her own so that she doesn’t tax her own. It is also believed that she has all powers humanly possible. I don’t know what that means but it sounds AWESOME!!!!

3. Circe
Circe is a goddess level immortal sorceress and thorn in Wonder Woman’s side. She is indeed the Circe of myth, who turned Odysseus’ men into swine. She is able to bend matter and reality through the use of magic. She can also alter minds, fire destructive magical energy blasts, create illusions, revive the dead, teleport, and transform objects and beings. She also has the all-powerful mirror of Circe. It changes the features of anyone holding it.

2. Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange is a practitioner of the mystical arts trained by the Ancient One, after seeking him out to heal his hands damaged in the car accident that ended his career as a world class surgeon. *gasp for air* He was so damn good he became the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. Eternity remarked that Doctor Strange is more powerful than any other humanoid being. Although he lost to the Phoenix, let’s remember she’s not exactly human. He draws upon the powers of several mystical entities and has the ability to do just about anything. He has defeated some of the most powerful foes in the Marvel Universe including Mephisto, the In-Betweener and the Beyonder. So who or what could top this?

1. Scarlet Witch
Clearly a magical badass, there is no doubt that the Scarlet Witch deserves to be here. Born on Wundagore, a place filled with mystery and chaos, she was affected by the mystic energies there augmenting her natural abilities. In the beginning, her powers were hex bolts that were able to alter probability in order to make impossible things possible. Even then, it was very hard for her to control. Her powers grew, as she used them, and it was discovered that she was manipulating chaos magic, which may or may not exist, and this is where things get icky. She has subtly abused great magics to conceive and birth children, leading to her reality warping powers going crazy when repressed memories of them began to surface. She created an entire alternate reality giving every hero exactly what they wanted. When this failed, she stripped the world’s 16 million mutants of their powers. Leaving a few behind, of course. This act was unable to be undone by anyone in the Marvel U and affected the entire mulitverse, making her magical badass number one.

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