Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Invincible #89

This issue had me in the edge of my seat. There's a lot happening in this issue and my heart kept beating faster and faster as the issue progressed. As the cover implies, someone else has taken over the mantle of invincible after mark was rendered incapacitated by the scourge virus last issue. I do not know though if Kirkman really is serious about this or of its just a tongue in cheek commentary in the comic business's recent penchant for substituting black characters for white characters in the same role. Or if this is in support of black history month. I am not really a fan of the former.

As some of my favourite heroes like John Stewart and War Machine had their beginnings in that kind of role, I feel this continuing trend tends to diminish the contributions of black people by stereotyping them as substitutes for the star of the show.  But I digress. Bulletproof has shown potential in the past and I hope there's a lot in store for him in the new role. 

I loved the humorous interplay between Dinosaurus and Allen The Alien. I also loved the subplot involving general Thragg of the Viltrumites. Ooh boy, I can't wait for the continuation of that! Some rather tense moments there! And  I would like to end this review with a commendation for Ryan Ottley. What a guy. What art. It. Is. So. Beautiful. If you haven't been reading invincible, now would be a great time to start!

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