Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Star Wars: Crimson Empire #5

I love how this book is so action packed  in just about every level. It's a good edge of your seat thriller and would probably read very good as a trade. Among the past issues that I've reviewed, this is probably my favourite because it's where everything comes to a head. Art wise, from my perspective, it has finally gotten rid of the "clunkiness" that I felt was there in the early issues. The over reliance on close up shots, while still there, wasn't as annoying in this chapter as compared to the previous ones. I really liked how the plot came together in this issue.  I cannot wait for the final chapter to come out.

Next month is so long in coming! Rather late for you if you haven't picked up this book yet. Go hunt the back issues just in case or wait for the trade. It's a good investment for Star Wars fanatics!

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