Friday, February 17, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Avengers #22, New Avengers #21, Winter Soldier #2, Daredevil #1-9

Avengers # 22 –
Many people are calling on fans to abort buying Marvel Comics because of the Gary Freidrich issue. To each his own. I digress. Here, Renato Guedes’ art, just like his Aaron Wolverine run, is spot on, especially with the Rogers’ torture scene. Bendis craftily plots Rogers’ demise with the fall of the Avengers at the hands of Osborn and Osborn’s astute hands keep showing. Bendis hits the story out the park, a knockout. Although, it was a bit clichéd to see HAMMER yet again proving clever and wily and subduing the Avengers relatively easy, it’s a good issue

as you get more love…more love in hating HAMMER. Bendis plays the good guys like a fiddle and Norman’s duplicity is well done. The machinations are full of deft tact and the tactics are better than Siege. The team that HAMMER is experimenting on gives some light hearted and witty moments as with Stark and Quake but all that levity is lost in the Jess Drew/Madame Hydra thread. The mirth is lost on a plot seed that Bendis has sewn since Secret Invasion and I’m liking this story deeply…although it’s missing one thing. Nick Fury! (9/10)
New Avengers #21 –
Deodato is inconsistent again as his poses work but his facial expressions and head positioning are found lacking. Nonetheless, Clor attacks and Deodato does well in a lot of the fight sequence panels. This issue is chock full of riveting action and Spiderman being a total jackass during the severe scenes. It works. Pretty well. While this team of Avengers is bogus in battle to me, as they always get whupped…it lends credibility to Osborn showing his brains. It’s kinda forced as Osborn outsmarts the NA team again, and while Cage seems to be brawn/no brain…I shudder when I see that Doc Strange and Iron Fist cannot disengage Clor. It seems that Bendis makes this team too weak for their own good, when they still possess a lot of big hitters. While forced, and bland at times, the issue is not as trite as issues before, just because you get the feeling that Osborn’s schemes are just beginning. His panels with Trickshot show that he has yet to reveal his full hand and possesses many aces up his sleeve. This maniacal Osborn I love, apart from his Tommy Lee Jones look, and when the last page hits, read the book above, and it makes sense…this ball game. (7/10)

Winter Soldier #2 –
Brubaker and Guice have some amazing toys to play with here. From Gorillas toting jetpacks and wielding guns…to Dr. Doom…to sleeper-cell Winter Soldiers. It all works and there’s a semblance of the amazing aura on the duo’s Cap run. These guys are win…pure win! This issue is full of that covert skill and clandestine grace that we’d expect from Bucky and Widow, and seeing them navigate catacombs and labyrinths as to who is selling off SHIELD weapons, Russian Agents and many other hazardous items makes for a glorious read. Dr. Doom will be getting his time in the limelight soon but I hope it doesn’t overshadow the amazing camaraderie and chemistry of Bucky/Widow which adds romance to an enigmatic tale. It’s gritty action and Bru has something concocting, which at full fruition, will definitely prove testament as one of the year’s best titles. Miserable weapons are being auctioned off and while Bucky tries to find these and his fellow Winter Soldiers, with help from Avengers and company, thing’s still are not assured to end on a fruitful note. Bru stands fulfilled in telling Bucky stories and the ride is getting bumpier courtesy of Doom’s toys! (9.5/10)
Daredevil #1-9
Grappling with this book under Waid is no easy feat. It’s impenetrable. Such a profound read. I wondered what all the 2011 buzz was about and I got my fill…my answer. If you have an insatiable hunger for a good book, get this. It flew under my radar, but my jarred and impaired judgment aside, my mind is ajar as I anticipate the Omegadrive crossover with Punisher and Spiderman. I know Waid is familiar with FF4 so maybe they rear their head regarding Reed’s hard-drive as it possesses info on a lot of criminal empires that villains/heroes would love to get hands on. It’s vast in intellectual wealth so why not throw in Black Cat with romping sexual escapades to add fuel to the fire. This book has romance, action, mystery, drama, tension, subterfuge and altruism in leaps and bounds. Juxtaposed to this title will be my run at Rucka’s PUNISHER but here, right now, Mole Man has Murdock’s stomach in twists and turns as Matt seeks his father’s stolen coffin. He can’t see the dire straits he’s in but what he doesn’t know is that Black Cat played him like a used tampon. And that’s where his emotions made him vulnerable this issue. Well played Waid, and thank you Rivera, Martin and the other artists who are simplistic and elegant on this title. (9/10)

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