Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Conan #1

Conan was suggested to me by a friend. I really enjoyed ‘The Immortal’ so I thought I’d give the first issue a go. I really quite enjoyed it and I think like ‘The Immortal’ we’re being set up for an epic comic experience. I’ve never read a Conan story before and as a new reader I think this issue was quite accessible.

The story is off to a good start and gives just the right amount of cues into just who Conan is as a character and into the world he lives in,

where he fits. Conan seems to be a mix of pseudo-historical myth mixed with action and adventure which reminds me a little of the latest (and greatest) iteration of the Wonder Woman series. The introduction to the characters is intriguing enough that I will be giving this Conan series another read with issue number two. Brian Wood, as always, doesn’t disappoint and does a great job setting up the story and characters within.

The art is rather striking and visually pleasing, I enjoyed every panel more than the last. I think the way the creators have chosen to tell the story relies heavily on the visual aspect. I enjoy Becky Cloonan who I remember from ‘Jennie One’. She really pulls you into the story. I find her style rather unique; it plays as though it’s animation rather than a comic, which makes sense as those are Cloonan’s roots.

I think this issue is a great start to a new adaptation of a Cimmerian story and it really is accessible to new and long-time readers of Conan and his adventures. It is worth picking up this first issue to see if it is a comic you’re interested in because this one is really well done and enjoyable.

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