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Back of the Bin Wednesday Reviews..! (a little delayed)

Back of the Bin Reviews
by Chris Grisby

Aaaaaaahahahahalrightythennnnn. It’s the religious edition of Back of the Bin. Wolvie’s included because fanboys treat him like he’s Jesus… and Batman is God… As always: Dig equals “buy it now”, Sift equals “buy cautiously”, and Bury equals “IT’S A TRAP!”…

This stack:
Guardian Line Preview Issue #0 (2006)
X-Men: Wrath of Apocalypse #1 (1996)
Avengelyne #14 (1997)
Hercules: And the Heart of Chaos #1 (1997)
Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine #50, 86 (1990)
Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1 (1994)
Married With Children #1 (1990)

Guardian Line Preview Issue # 0
This black and white indie preview of the Guardian comics line of “faith-based” comics featuring black characters, showed real promise. It’s a shame it wasn’t in color as the color cover art was dynamic enough to draw even my heathen ass in. With comic characters from kid and his super-powered buddy-angel to a John Constantine-type, this line covered the superhero comic bases and seemed to execute them interestingly and effectively. I’m giving this a Sift due to its lack of color and subject matter. If you happen to run across this it is not a guarantee you’ll like it but it wouldn’t be a sign of the Apocalypse if you did…

X-Men: Wrath of Apocalypse # 1
Actually a collection of X-Factor issues 65-68, this is a must read for current X-readers. So much great characterization is on display here and a lot of elements of today’s books. Including Cyke playing a calculating military leader to a tee and getting called on it by Bobby (look who used to stand up to him). Bobby even uses ice drones in ish 67 (recently seen in Wolverine and the X-Men). While Claremont uses too many “YOW!”s his scripting and analysis of these characters is superb. Coupled with great art and cameos from the Avengers and the Inhumans this book could only get a Dig…

Avengelyne # 14
For never having read an Avengelyne comic this was a new reader friendly issue. Though for being from the “Extreme” line of comics this was pretty tame, albeit entertaining. The Lobo-esque bounty hunter, Blood Wulf, is front and center and likeable but I didn’t get a real sense of the title’s main character. Going to have to say… Sift. This ish was kind of fun but lacked any depth and promise for future issues…

Hercules: And the Heart of Chaos # 1
This limited series pits Herc against Ares and is a fair showing from Marvel’s Prince of Power (and fair showing of skin on the cover art). A fair amount of Greek lore is used while still very much in the modern world. I’d have to rate this comic as…fair. Not essential but if Greek myth, fair super heroics and story, or shirtless Hercules tickle your fancy this’ll do if you run across it… Sift...

Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine # 50, 86
You all should know of my almost absolute hatred of Wolvie, by now, but I couldn’t resist picking up these issues at a bargain price. A collection of 4 serial styled stories about a variety of Marvel characters with some great characterization, MCP is a great afternoon read. While issue 50 was actually a bit of a letdown, 86 was almost perfect. 86 featured stories with Wolvie, Firestar, Beast, and Paladin. Sift for this title and check the back cover to see who’s in the other stories to help pick out a good ish…

Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder # 1
This adaptation of the video game classic published by Malibu comics was sure to be horrible but I was pleasantly surprised. The interior art has eye-popping color with a mix of ‘toon and superhero style (without all the hokeyness). If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll actually recognize some scenes which endears the movies to me all the more. Going to have to say… Dig for this title. There’s plenty of humor, martial arts, mysticism, super powers and a splash page of Raiden, God of Thunder…

Married With Children #1
The Now Comics published version of the 90’s TV show mimicked much of the show’s biting humor but too noticeably lacks the delivery of the actors. This comic is too dated and light to get a recommendation unless you’re a superfan… Bury…

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