Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic: War #2

Continuing the saga of Zayne Carrick, Jedi reject and avowed pacifist.  Captured by The Mandalorians, a reluctant prisoner as he accompanies them on their invasion campaign across the galaxy.  This comic, while far from being perfect has grown a little bit on me.  I am loving the story so far.  We  get a little more backstory on the Mandalorians, a race of belligerent savages that thrives on war, conquest, honor and the military code  lumped in with that of a Jedi who refuse to kill, let alone harm anyone.  Now, a complex development has been thrown in.

 A faction of Jedi, sworn enemies of the Mando's, agents of the Republic, has joined the formers cause.  Giving them a bit of the edge in their continuing war. The extent of Dorjander Kace's betrayal, a formerly respected member of the Jedi Council is going to be tested in the next issue.  Is this all a ruse?  Or has he completely thrown himself in with, not so dark but full of grey, side?

The art, I must confess, I wasnt really a big fan of before, but now, I am fine with it.  A little cartoony for the subject matter, (I kinda think that a grittier style fits a Mando story better), but its something that I can live with.  Zayne Carrick is a compelling protagonist, well known, I believe in Star Wars fandom, but a virtual unknown to me.  I hope that the rest of the series gives us more of his back story, particularly to benefit new readers like me.

All in all, good art, good enough story to get you to come back.  Like Star Wars?  Like The Game?  Then this book would look nice as a companion piece.

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