Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Star Wars Agent Of The Empire #3

The most noir-ish Star Wars comic ever continues! And it hasn't missed a step! John Ostrander, Stephane Crety and company provide us with another episode in the life of Jahan Cross, an agent of the empire that was framed for something that he didn't do. Operating on his own and hunted by the authorities, Jahan is on a mission to prove his innocence, unravel a deadly conspiracy and rescue his droid partner, In-Ga 44, who was captured last issue.  

This issue features a welcome cameo by a a famous duo ( who I guess is a giveaway since they're both on the cover) as Jahan uses his underground connections to make progress in his investigation without the aid of his vast network and resources.  Overall, great action, great directing, great script.  I had a real good time reading this book.  Its not everyday that you get a noir-ish/espionage themed Star Wars book!  This issue focuses more on the adventure/ action side of things so the reading pace was really quick.  I do not have anything negative to say regarding this comic as I think the creative team has hit the mark on every conceivable angle! Great Book!  If your a fan of Star Wars and James Bond, then this book is right for you.  I cannot wait for the next issue!

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