Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Hack/Slash #13

In this issue Cassie’s jungle adventure continues! It’s a “B” monster movie come to life and the story while full of campy fun still remains true to Hack/Slash and Cassie’s tale. There is a lot to be taken from this story but none of it should be taken too seriously.

The writing tends to be on par with previous Hack/Slash issues and arcs and at the basis is a lot of fun. Cassie and her crew are continuing on the adventure finding a cure for Samhain and investigating The Black Lamp Society.

It seems those who would seem to be friends are in fact the biggest threat and poor Cat Curio may be target one. The writing remains consistent and fun and at the end of the issue you’ll want to read more.

The art on this book is to my liking; although, it still doesn’t feel like a perfect match for the content and premise of Cassie Hack and her tale. Emilio Laiso’s art does work well with this arc, the story remains campy and fun and the art is a good representation of that.

Hack/Slash is not a comic for everyone but it certainly has a lot of appeal to a certain demographic. In this arc I feel like the adventure itself is an embodiment of camp and fun all rolled into a jungle adventure. The story is laced with enough mystery and familiar Hack/Slash characterisations that both long time readers and new will enjoy this issue.

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