Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: Pigs #6

It’s a perpetual prison break with the usual double-cross plot-thread and a solitary confinement for the target kinda bit. What manifests here is simply…nothing except the team gunning down the guys they hired to help them in their mission - stripped down to their bare essentials. It’s a botched job and reprisal. Nothing more. To alleviate this, McCool and Crosby use a remedial sex scene that adds a mystifying tension with Felix, Havana and Ekatarina…but still nothing lets on with the pace of the story.

The team’s back to square one and seemingly blood-thirsty for ravaging the prison walls…and again I ask…what’s new? I feel like we didn’t get anywhere expect a jealousy shtick that’s played out. This kind of drama isn’t necessary and it’s clichéd. That aside, I can skip this issue and head to #7 with an easy feeling knowing someone is going to bleed. Finally…it’s action time…I hope! (5/10)

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