Monday, February 20, 2012

Creator Roundup

This week, Dan Hipp glares with snake eyes, Fabio Moon likes his coffee black, Joe Hill talks about talking about politics, Jeff Smith works a puppet, Bryan Lee O'Malley makes a mess, David Aja shows off, Skottie Young warms up with Gran'ma, Neil Gaiman speaks, Branson Graham loves cats, Dave Johnson and Francesco Francavillia go cosmic, Jorge Munoz is a prophet, Phil Noto draws a spider and Mike Allred cranks out pure awesome sauce.

- This week's
Dan Hipp:

Fabio Moon likes his coffee:

Joe Hill talks about talking about politics:
Over there on the Twitters, I post on a pretty wide range of subjects. I instigate #geekfights, link to stuff I like, taunt friends, pimp my work, pimp other people’s work, and generally have fun.
Oh, and I also tweet about politics. Stuff like this:
The problem for the hardcore GOP voter
is that they know they hate Obama,
but if the economy booms back,
they're out of easy reasons why.

I mean: he fixes a staggering economy,
nails Osama (which Bush didn't do cos he was hard for Saddam),
and has a mess of foreign policy wins.

Or this:
House GOP holds hearing on birth control,
decline to include anyone capable of giving birth:

A part of me believes that speaking out politically isn’t just a right; it may even, to a degree, be an obligation, part of what makes democracy work. Certainly in New England, the (very old) tradition of the public meeting, where anyone is free to get up and spout off for a couple minutes, is one that seems to have led to an engaged public, a citizenry that feels (rightly) their voice matters. (Small point of pride: in the New England states, voter turnout typically hovers around 70% in Presidential election years… a rate very few states in the rest of the Union come close to matching)
Lots of people don’t agree with my take on things. That don’t confront me none. I even kind of like it when people disagree. You don’t use your voice every now and then, you might forget you have one.

Jeff Smith drew a Muppets varient cover:

Bryan Lee O'Malley shares a lost page from Lost at Sea:

David Aja shows of a new cover:

Skottie Young warms up with Gran'ma Ben:
GranMa Ben002

Neil Gaiman updates his readers:
I started feeling last night that real work was happening. I could see it starting to mount. My morale is starting to improve, as it always does when writing happens, and I remember that I actually can do it after all.

Currently I'm mostly writing the HBO American Gods first episode. I'm really enjoying it, partly because a lot of what I've written isn't in the book. It's implied in the book, or talked about generally, or referred to obliquely, but it's scenes I hadn't written. So I feel that I'm doing new work, even if it's not new. If you see what I mean.

And, strangely, it seems to be feeding in to the next American Gods book, which is what I'm sort of working on right now. (Actually, I'm writing a short story that comes after Monarch of the Glen and before The Next Book. But it feels organically needed.) 

Other than that... I'm looking after myself. The main new thing I've been doing is actually jogging for 37 minutes a day. (It was 37 minutes the first day, and so I've kept it the same every other day to see how much further or faster I get, because my little iPod Nano keeps track of this stuff.)

Brandon Graham shares some sketches in including this one:

- Here's a new
Dave Johnson:

Francesco Francavillia posted and awesome WhatNot:

Jorge Munoz pays tribute to Prophet:

Phil Noto renders the Black Widow:

- Here's a
Mike Allred commission:
Edie Sawyer commission

Dan Panosian draws a homage to Fables:

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