Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Lobster Johnson #2

Mignola and Arcudi have yet to disappoint me on a Hellboy related series, and this Lobster Johnson series is no different. They, along with artist Tonci Zonjic, create an atmosphere of excitement and dread, as Lobster Johnson continues his war against the criminal underworld,.

We finally get to see Lobster Johnson talk and interact with people, instead of mercilessly killing gangsters. He is more of a strong silent type though, so what he does say is usually frank and straight to the point.

This issue is more heavy on the action as Johnson confronts the mob boss and attempts to take him out. Which is unsuccessful, and starts a chain of events that drags the supernatural elements into the book. The last page reveal, while the character is someone we unfamiliar with, he is drawn with such artistic flare that it makes me excited to read the third issue.

Tonci Zonjic is the star of this series. He is a fantastic storyteller and artist. His action is just as well done as the scenes of two people sitting around talking to each other. His lines are clean and the colors by Dave Stewart, colorist extraordinaire, certainly help keep the tone consistent for all of these Hellboy spin-off . This book continues to get better with each issue and I am sure that the next issue will keep ramping up the tension and the action.

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