Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Adventure Time #1

This is a comic I’ve been excited for, there are many things I love about ‘Adventure Time’ with Fin and Jake. I thought it would work perfectly for the comic medium. In this issue, as in the show, we are given two stories. One is centered on Fin and Jake while the other story, aptly titled ‘My Cider Mountain’ follows the adventure of another character, Tree Trunks. The first opens with the “mysterious” snail that appears in every episode of Adventure Time. When I saw this I knew it was going to be true to form and in fact the snail is the catalyst to the first main story.

‘My Cider Mountain’ is mainly about a mystery cider that is being delivered all over Candy Kingdom.

The writing is spot on to the series and at times is very funny. Like the show this series is not created just for children or even adolescents, if you have a sense of humor you’ll enjoy this comic. There are many great lines that seem appropriate to the series and it’s premise like “Hey Lich! Your hands are so skeleton-y and gross that I bet nobody ever wants to hold your hand!” Simply, hilarious. I also noticed footnotes in the main story, which help to add a little extra charm to the issue. The most enjoyable aspect of both stories is the absurdity paired with an epic friendship we already know and love.

To distinguish the chapter written by Ryan North from the one written by Aaron Renier there is a shift in the art style, which I thought, was a nice way of distinguishing the change. It should be noted that Renier illustrated his own story and I did enjoy the art in that chapter a little better. However, the art in both were exactly what you would expect; but, I think it would be nice to change it up later in the series. One of the things I loved was the “Oh my Glob” at the end I hope it’s in every issue.

In the end this comic was really presented well and I think if you were looking for something to brighten up your pull list it would be a great addition. There isn’t much in the way of revolutionizing the ‘Adventure Time’ world, but that wasn’t really expected in this first issue. This is a comic for everyone and if you aren’t a fan of Fin and Jake you probably will be after a few of these issues.

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