Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Angel and Faith #7

The theme for this months issue is that of "sins past, and search for redemption." Gage does a good job of showing the contrasts between Angel and Drusilla ( the surprise reveal from last issue, still on sale at your local comic shop) between then and now. And only time will tell which one of them is right.  

The art as always, is spot on. It might strike others as being cartoony, but for me, it works.

 The pacing is also very well done. It gets straight to the point and does not make an effort to decompress. The subplot involving Faith is very interesting. I hope some good will actually come out of it. All in all, good book. Great entry level book for newcomers like me, who only have passing knowledge of the Buffy-verse. I'd say pick it up. 

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