Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: Murky World One-Shot

Murky World, is a one shot that collects Richard Corben's work from the newest iteration of Dark Horse Presents. It is filled large women, zombies and a large cyclops, which is par for the course as far a Corben is concerned. The story while simple, is engaging you will loose yourself in the desert world that Corben has created.

An old man searching for his horse is thrust into assisting a large warrior woman free her sister from a necromancer.

And things only get worse for our character from there. A dangerous hulking female cyclops and a village where no one living resides.

Richard Corben is one of my favorite artists. His style is unique and with that uniqueness comes some polarizing view on his art. This book is beautifully rendered. Corben has a way with facial expressions that few can match. His characters are all distinct and original looking. Any fan of Corben should pick this book up.

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