Friday, February 3, 2012

Renaldo's Reviews: Avengers X-Sanction #3, Uncanny X-Force #21, Fantastic Four #602, Secret Avengers 21.1

Avengers: X-Sanction #3 –
It’s uncharacteristic the last page. I started at the back on this review because usually the cliffhanger sets something up, but with this one, there’s a Wolverine that makes no bloody sense at all given his past relationship and debacles with Cable. I spoiled it but hell…the issue was actually going pretty smoothly till the last page made it all come undone. McGuiness and Loeb actually derived something that flowed with innate passion and excitement, much due to the well-written patriotic act known as RULK, but that steam built was lost at the end.

The momentum generated as Blaquesmith convenes with Cable to plot the trip to secure Hope’s salvation at the expense of the Avengers is well conveyed to the reader as Cable’s directives; motives and arsenal are well elaborated upon. Seeing his tedious trials and tribulations with Rulk make for a fun read as we see some familiar faces rear their heads, just to warm up to AvX. It was inevitable these cameos. Nonetheless, it was going swimmingly but by some stark contrast, that final page made me throw up. It did…I really can’t explain much more. It’s enviable of FEAR ITSELF…that’s how awful it got at the final page (5/10)

Uncanny X-Force #21 –
Tocchini’s elementary art finally ran its course. Deadpool is one of the most annoying things at the moment. Cornell’s great Cap Britain stuff is shamed. Remender here pales in comparison to his usual output. Also, placing Psylocke in the exact same savior/messiah situation that she was in with Warren, but now it’s Fantomex, is an utter downright travesty. I never have been as harsh on Remender as today, but this issue fell on its head. The art was muddled and the plot just jumped around in troughs and crests too much. When it peaked, it did so in minute intervals. The arc isn’t as sound as I’m accustomed to and I wonder how would Secret Avengers factor in soon? It seemed a convulsive move but now, the times may be getting a bit too convoluted for Remender. If this book’s an example, I shudder. Then again, I offer leniency and mercy as he rocked 2011 with Snyder. I guess I have pretty high expectations. The final page is almost as underwhelming as the differentiation between the 616 and AoA Kurt Wagner…pretty lame (4/10)

Fantastic Four 602 –
Kitson’s art isn’t as immaculate as Epting’s but it still works. Hickman is always conniving and calculating and this issue isn’t a let down. He’s the best remedy for the squalor that was left in my mouth with Millar or Waid on this title, and now with Johnny back, the wars ensuing and the tattered state Reed is in, it’s as good a time as any to jump in. The Inhumans, Kree and Galactus are all hinging on some miserly intersection, which unfolds in a brilliant last page. I say miserly because Hickman ties in all threads with such a concise ease, it’s astounding. Each point resonates and segues smoothly into the next like tying a shoelace. The precision of the storytelling is awe inspiring, hair raising and jaw dropping. While the posse at the final page have been butchered in other books and not handled well, it’s nice to see what Hickman can deliver. I am backing him. He got the handle right on Galactus, the FF and Spiderman…and made Johnny even more impressive this time around. Now, that’s something and if he adds Doom to the mix, then hell yeah. I’d want more FF youths in this title but for now, the amazing stuff he does will pleasantly suffice (9/10)

Secret Avengers #21.1 –
It’s a bunch of covert stuff and dissident strokes when Barton and Rogers go on their man date. It’s great banter and Remender delivers the goods with a snarky, well-written book. It’s sad that it feels like such a one-shot because the arc here was so alluring. A new Masters of Evil? More Max Fury? Seeing the villains duped so easily after they seemed to have one up on our heroes was such a clichéd tactic, yet the balance and chemistry with Barton/Rogers was remarkable. The equilibrium of the issue was never offset and Zircher’s art is also damn solid. Remender threw us a curveball here by teasing what’s to come and seeing AvX loom so soon, may not be the best bet for this book  because there was such a clandestine James Bond feel to this Barton aura…I smelt a great win coming. Nonetheless, off a good issue onto a few more from Remender, of this…I’ll bet! (9/10)

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