Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: L'il Depressed Boy #9

Li’l Depressed Boy is really at its core about LDB trying to fit into the world. I think this issue follows that and we see LDB struggle to make ends meet after an incident from issue 8 takes most of his money for repairing his broken door. The majority of the story focuses on LDB as he searches for a new job.

The story is pretty much on par with what I’ve read so far. For a tale concerning a walking, talking rag doll interpretation of a heartbroken boy it seems very realistic. I found myself putting myself in his shoes, even though he’d never wear mine, and I related.

Struble’s writing allows for the reader to really feel for LDB as the pages go on and the job applications pile up while the money dwindles like a turned hourglass.

The art as ever is great. It really works with this book and I feel like it’s not what you’d expect based on the premise for the work. Sina Grace could easily have taken this book and gone very “emo” but instead tells the story in a well-lit open kind of way. This allows for LDB to stand out instead of getting lost in a dark wash of visually expressed emotion.

This book may not be for everyone, but I clearly enjoyed it. There is a unique story being told through a combination of art and script. LDB and his world are quite engaging and relatable and I’d say add this one to your pile.

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