Friday, October 26, 2012

Valleycon 38... The Guests...


Fargo-Moorehead's (that's in North Dakota) Valleycon 38 wasn't my first convention but it has to count as my first true convention experience. I stayed for all three days and I had an absolute blast. Engaging guests, friendly fans, fun events and plenty of worthy opportunities to spend money. Valleycon was a three day convention of comics, scifi, and steampunk... lots of steampunk. Lots of things went wrong (forgot my good camera, lost many names and contact info) so next year I'll be bringing a different CBNAH intern, lol...


Kevin J. Anderson, author of more than 100 novels. I missed his panels but the CBNAH intern did get to speak one on one with his wife, also a featured author, Rebecca Moesta. By his reports a wonderful speaker, who was open. willing to give advice and had much insight into the field of writing.

Nicole deBoer, actress who portrayed Ezri Dax of 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'. I must say. As funny as she is youthful. The 40+ year old said she would love to play in a black comedy, a la 'Six Feet Under' and I, for one, would love to see her do it. (Though she's been candid about just wanting to work.) Its an absolute must for you to check out her answer to the infamous question "Comic book nerds are hot because..?" It will be in a later post under The Goodies. Nicole spoke pretty freely about her experiences on set with her coworkers (both amorous and grumpy) but was never catty or jaded. Its clear she enjoyed her time on DS9 and gets a kick out of telling her stories and answering fan questions. This year she especially got a kick out of a super young female child fan of 'The Dead Zone'.

Dean Haglund, of X-Files/The Lone Gunmen fame. Another super energetic and hilarious guest. Caught his improv show, which is a must-see if you catch a con with him there. (Or you can buy the dvds they press to sell the next day at the cons.) I missed talking with him in person but manic comedy stylings on stage were more than enough to make an impression on me.

For a complete list of Guests and more information check out: Valleycon Program

Valleycon is chaired by Tony Tilton. Sponsored/Supported by:  Rasmussen College, Spirit Halloween Superstore, KVRR-TV, MSUMS Comics Club, Site on Sound, Top Cow Comics, Dave Jacobs, Books at a Fifth and many more.

Me and Angelique Montag,
noted MN Renaissamce Festival/Steampunk expert. 

Below: The gaming room sponsored by Section 9 Cyber Cafe.
Super cool guy, gave me a coupon for an hour of gameplay
at their regular cafe and invited me to play at the con but I
know my limits. I... am not a gamer. 

Me and Christopher Mihm,
 writer/director of 'House of Ghosts'
My Crotch and the cool "Fear Shield"
given out before the screening of 'House of Ghosts'
Admittedly, I left during the middle of the screening for 'House of Ghosts' (strictly time constraints, the CBNAH intern led me to believe it was a short-film.) but i returned to buy a copy (seen above) so I could watch it later. Neither I, or the intern, were disappointed with the purchase. The style is near perfect for an indy, black and white 50's horror flick. There's enough humor that it doesn't take itself seriously but doesn't become a joke itself (see Scary Movie 2 - how many ever) I didn't need to use the Fear Shield but I have no soul. It was a "slow burn" but entertaining throughout and, of course, the drunk character (Mary) was my favorite. She's to die for. Even a slight hint of hoyay so you know I was set.

Sidenote: As I'm typing this I just noticed the DVD came with more special features than the Avengers Blu-Ray, including an alternate ending and blooper reel. This is definitely getting a replay..!


The quick-witted MC for the fashion show (and a few other events throughout the con)
 and her faithful servant Frank. Pronounced..."FRAAAAAAAANK..!"

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