Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More of Oz's Fantasia Film Festival Reviews... (Chucky, Nuke'em, Hell Baby, Thanatomorphose)

Fantasia Film Festival: The Curse of Chucky Review by Oz

The bloodshed starts fast in this 6th installment of the Child’s Play saga. The film moves with haste and retains the creep factor the first 3 Chucky movies had. We're back to the horror element, this one's a suspenseful seat jumper. It still remains funny though, the difference being you are laughing with Chucky instead of at him. Clever visuals and twisted effects make this a pretty impressive movie for a straight to DVD release. There are a lot of special fx that caught my eye as well as a ton of references to the previous installments  There is even a romantic subplot that flips the cliche on its head. I saw the first Chucky movie at the age of 6. Now 31, the cycle of terror continues and I'd recommend this to any CHILD'S PLAY aficionado. 

Fantasia Film Festival: HELL BABY Review by Oz

A comedic horror that hits all the right spots. A pregnant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby. Wife (played by Leslie Bibb) steals the show, and Keegan Key is a delight. I love the comedy of KEY AND PEELE, so seeing Key on screen was a pleasure. Be warned, there is a lot of not subtle humour that's meant to gross you out. And a lot of straight guy gags at the expense of husband Jack played by Rob Corddry. HELL BABY made me laugh, it made me squirm and is one of my favourite FANTASIA submissions.

Fantasia Film Festival: TROMA'S Return to Nuke’Em High Volume 1 Review by Oz

What a disgusting fucking movie, we are greeted to our first scene with melty tits and dick. I laughed a lot at the start, especially with the subtitled scene of Lemmy as president. The movie lost me after it's first half but I must say, it keeps the Troma traditions of over-acting, sex driven characters, and low budget gross out factors. Disgusted, yet I still left with an erection.

Fantasia Film Festival: THANATOMORPHOSE by CBNAH Junior Reviewer Mrs. Z

When I looked at the fantasia booklet the first movie that caught my eye was Thanatomorphose. Just the name meaning death transformation was very interesting to me. Followed by a picture of a women with white eyes and cover in blood. The film synopsis from the booklet mention that the movie is about a women who is rotting from the inside. I don't know why but the idea intrigued me so much.

For the first 30 minutes of the movie you follow this nameless woman (Kayden Rose) throughout her daily banal routine. It’s very boring to watch , but yet unsettling because you're expecting something to happen. She’s dating this man who mistreats her and uses her for sex and one day with no explanation and no reason whatsoever her METAMORPHOSIS commences.

The movies takes place in her apartment the whole time with no glimpse of the outside world. At one point of the beginning of her transformation she barricades all source of light with black garbage bags thus making her apartment dark. Leaving you with a great sense of claustrophobia making you feel like you're a trapped fly condemned to watch with anticipation and disgust her unavoidable rotting of the flesh. Just like watching a fruit rot on your kitchen counter.

There are two things very unsettling and uncomfortable about this movie from the exception of her decomposition. The fact that she’s completely non chalet of her slow disintegration. She's almost jaded of what is happening to her and there’s no monologue, so you don’t know what she is thinking or feeling the whole time. The second troubling thing is her growth in libido as she slowly decays.

Overall the movie was a full hour and thirty minutes with very little to nothing dialogue. The movie could of been as effective as a thirty minute short film without leaving any guts or body fluids out.

This movie is not for everyone. It's a gruesome and nauseating tale that is filmed very realistically. Let's just says that during the showing a few people left the cinema. Despite the long moments you just can't stop watching the incredible and vile DEATH TRANSFORMATION! Tis' not for the faint of hearts. If you liked the films The Fly and Hellraiser you will enjoy this movie.

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