Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flashpoint 5 Review

Geoff Johns takes us on a thrilling finale where it boils down to a paradoxical reveal of epic proportions. Eobard Thawne takes full rage in his actions as Johns shows the ire and outright hatred he has for Barry Allen. Johns breaks down the alternate timelines and why Flashpoint is as key a factor to DCU as he embarked upon.

He tosses in a lot of chronological thinking which many Flash fans, especially Barry Allen fans, would appreciate. What's further well done is the effect or shall I say ripple effect by the 'villain' of the story. Johns' handle on Thomas Wayne is neat and he keenly utilizes the best out of Kubert's art to paint a battlefield that Barry navigates before transitioning into the story's final act.
Of course, this battle doesn't come without a few major repercussions as it boils down to the tale of the Flashes and the Batmen. Johns built to this point for quite sometime now, and it's no shock where he ends things.
He sets things up nicely for the new DCU 52 but also, makes sure that retcons or alterations to certain historical events are duly noted. They do play a pivotal role in what ensues for Johns to end the story...and I use the term 'end' loosely. Much mention must be made of Kubert's work as he has been amazing. Marvel got some great stuff out from him but he really shone on this much anticipated book, and I'm hoping he gets offered a Batbook soon.
Johns also intertwines a specific plot thread of meshing timelines that ends where the renewed #1s begin. That said, as usual Johns on Flash books, some questions are answered with many unanswered. Some new questions arise as Johns makes this complex at times and such tales never offer full answers. It is certain he is plotting threads for the future of DCU, ironically in a tale of the past, but it begs...does this tie into Grant Morrison's MULTIVERSITY?
At the end of the day, it has twists and turns and winds around our minds with some perplexity, but FLASHPOINT stems from a simple premise and elementary concept from DCU's was a fun ride...and surely, it signals a new beginning. Kudos to Johns and co.

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