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Batman Reboot - Post Nolan by Renaldo Matadeen

Nolan has begun weaving the final threads of his trilogy. It was a reboot that took a lot by surprise and had us wondering if this usually secretive lad could pull it off. After films such as ‘The Prestige and Memento’ he had my vote…more because of his brother’s rep as a clean-cut, imaginative, high concept writer.

This lasted more above the involvement of David Goyer, who has had more misses than hits with me. I’m not a fan of the ‘Blade’ series, but the first two films do have some precious fanboy moments here and there. Overall, Goyer isn’t shabby but after reading his SUPERMAX plot for Ollie Queen and watching ‘Flashforward’…I wanted to slap him silly after puking.
Let me stop being personal.
Nolan delivered two great films and whether or not the ‘reality’ factor worked for you, it was a suspenseful ride always to me. I loved Bale’s playboy persona…and I loved that kickass Batman he did. But again, he is a favourite of mine since ‘American Psycho, Equilibrium, Machinist…and go see THE FIGHTER…you must’.
Again, let me set aside my personal feelings.
I still thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling BATMAN BEGINS he made, with a well-oiled origins story that was amazing in pace, and the cast…even Katie Holmes…gave a rave turnout in my humble view.
He introduced BATMAN to us again after the debacles of Burton and the Schumachers (both I never liked too much) and engrained in our minds it stood!

Sequel? Well, Heath Ledger (dead or not) tossed out a maniacal performance and to me, he stole the show and gave the chaotic order I wanted. I again loved the script and the dark ebb and flow of the entire cast, with the little intricacies here and there in the story. Overall, it was full of amazing moments and great win to me.

Now, enter Tom Hardy’s Bane and a certain feline sex-fiend. Not jumping too much into this, I say ‘In Nolan I trust for he has never let me down, and I will let him do his genius-thang while I get horny behind my keyboard’…I don’t debate the genius that is Nolan…and ‘Inception’? Nuff’ said…

Now, whether you agree with me or not…it is a bit irrelevant as I just popped some filler to build to my one-minute climax…pun intended…


Yes I did. Yes we can. Nolan’s ending it…we know this. So why foster more films around this ‘realistic’ genre? He did his masterpiece so let’s get a more comicky film! Let’s get that Batman from the comics and not the graphic novels/NolanGoyer mind!
I loved their work but we have the CGI to dispense Avatar, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Avengers…Planet of the Apes (RISE!)…so let’s have WB take one up on that shamble Green Lantern film.
Guggenheim and company failed me but I digress…
Nolan is tossing an eye on Snyder’s SUPERMAN but with the GL film, a SUPERMAN film…ummm…we have the threads to tie into a JLA universe…aliens???

Now, can Nolan’s BATMAN ever appear in a JLA? No…because he can barely fight off dogs and Joker and Dent…and he needs the help of Mandela to do this…so a guy like DARKSEID would omega-sanction Bale to hell.

Point is…GL tried to give us a comic vibe but did so under a shoddy script and director with poor character development of villains and other Lanterns…not to mention a rushed ending.
But BATMAN reboot…it needs no origins. We know his parents died, left him millions…he built gadgets…he is BATMAN. No need to do that again. It’s not like we’re introducing Stark and Thor…we already know recently…how he became BATMAN. So just reboot…and script? Script?…
We don’t need villain origins…so just…use the ARKHAM ASYLUM PLOT!

It’s rife with fan-loved villains. We need no origins and explanations. It’s him in his comic environment with villains in their comic format wreaking havoc. Not to mention, this allows us to skip ahead to guys such as Nightwing, Tim Drake and Oracle exisiting. Such a reboot gives us an opening into a vast array of heroes and villains and any origins can last a few seconds/minutes via flashbacks…just like my Friday night trysts. Now I could make my words eloquent, but simplicity is the best key to me…

Example –
Batman: Arkham Asylum Rising:
We open with Batman apprehending the monstrous villain Croc, a henchman who reveals he was hired to oversee a drug deal. Batman ensues to gather intel and pursues the bust…he ends up incapacitating the flawed dealers…Penguin and Black Mask.
We don’t need more than 20 mins for this debauchery.
Jim Gordon takes the 3 villains in under heavy guard watch to the Asylum, monitored by Jeremiah Arkham. Batman has slipped Gordon a visual-com and as Gordon and Bullock tours to ensure all is well in the Asylum…unawares to its flaws.
We have emergency lockdown…suddenly!
Gordon and the cops are trapped…all failsafes are endured…the villains run the mad house now…it seems some sinister work has led to this…
Batman must now enter to quell the shed.
He enters and has to rescue the cops but also, tame the inmates.
This is not any ordinary roster…it’s a bunch of rogues he put in there.
He realizes he was set up…it’s a trap. He begins to suspect Jeremiah.
As Batman does his work, we see that he gains secretive assistance…
It’s a young man who deals with a few inmates that managed to escape…Croc and Harley Quinn being the biggest this lad faces…this protégé is the civilian TIM DRAKE.
Batman ends up going against Freeze, Firefly and Poison Ivy who team up but fail to nab him…he defeats them…and then encounters the mastermind of it all…or so he thinks…as he finds Jeremiah dead…
Drake ends up aiding Gordon and co.
They escape but as the Asylum is gearing to return to normalcy Batman goes head to head…with the true genius…HUGO STRANGE! This face to face leaves Batman in a state…because the Asylum is blown to ruins…and Strange escapes…but Batman remembers his last words…
“See you on the top-side…Bruce!”

Arkham is eroded and villains have run amok…spreading waves of destruction throughout Gotham…
We end with Batman using Oracle’s voice…to call to arms…Nightwing from Bludhaven…and Robin!
The trio eye the city and head off…into what is now…ARKHAM CITY!

Post credits –
We see Harley in jail laughing…
“I miss you…” she says as we see JOKER on the outside…in a murderous and rampaging spree…

Now…it had a lot of similarities to the game, as well as the comics…so why not?
Paul Dini is the man for such a script…and I say…we have this comic-Batman, some aliens in the sky…why not tease a speedster and give us some JLA a few years down the line???
Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns…Tony Daniels, David Finch and Jim Lee…JH Williams? Get these guys in a think-tank…
Get a director in Alex Proyas, Guillermo del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron.
Get a slightly older Batman…Matthew Fox? Alex Skaarsgard?
Whoever…it is…the casting should be the hard part because the script and the directors…there are amazing ones in abundance…but the right actor for Bruce? Well…there in lies the rub…

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