Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Savage Dragon #178

Savage Dragon is one of the longest running non Marvel or DC books on the stands, especially on with a single, continuous creator. Erik Larsen has been at the helm of this book since day one and it shows. Larsen has shown over the years that he is not afraid to take chances, kill off characters, or destroy worlds. Each issue of Dragon brings a new surprise, and you never know what Larsen will cook up next.

Malcolm Dragon, The Dragon’s son and now main character of the book, has to deal with a lot in this issue.

Romantic problems and the start of an alien invasion, to begin with. There is plenty of interpersonal conflict going on as well as a bunch of action. Larsen balances out the character moments with the violence. We also start to see what has been going on in the Vanguard back ups, as they start affecting the main book itself. With and invasion imminent I am sure the action in the next few issues will feature heavily in both the back up and the main story.

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