Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Men #5

This is one of Gillen’s better issues and he intricately ties in plots from Schism and X-Force with a natural cohesive blend. He addresses the situation with Scott’s alliance with Rogers and non-alliance with Hank with a delicate balance and stiff, yet tactful, composure. He handles all loose ends pretty nicely given that the build up with Sinister made some boring and expository past issues.

Here, Gillen shines and returns to his old methods of brewing seeds and threads from all over with an intertwining grace that was felt of Thor

and earlier UXM days. Sticking Betsy and Magneto, Magik and Piotr as well as Scott and Storm was a genius stroke that clashed personalities but also, collided interests. He built unions and added tension in unison which many writers struggle to do. He touched on all emotional bases and alleviated the issue with a hint of levity come Hope and Namor. While Land’s art isn’t mitigating to the issue, it doesn’t harm as I’ve seen him fall short many times before. He gets a few pages right here but as inconsistent as he was, his love for Scott’s facial hair aside, this is one of his most solidly drawn issues. 

With the UXF arc, Tabula Rasa, being essential to Scott’s next ‘dictatorial’ stint, it’s gonna be bumpy watching Psylocke hide her affiliations. It adds tension to the many events coming up…and it’s not a bad attempt to set up the breakup of a core structure. (8.5/10)

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