Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Uncanny X-Force #20

Remender yet again plots a non-subtle compounding tale of ferocity all scrambled into a quite exhilarating trial featuring defendant, Fantomex. The prosecution is exquisite as a certain Braddock gleams as never before Remender’s dialogue throughout seems spotless. It’s a great read. The Braddocks feature prominently in a remarkable arc that ties a seed together with a lot of potential – is Fantomex truly allowed to exist in this plane? Is permission needed? Having him on trail is way better than atoning for his crimes, and the ensemble featuring Deadpool, Logan and the new Nightcrawler is succinct and to the point.

Remender uses each character or group with distinct tact and weaves all potent points in with such a concise and elegant flow, the read gets better by the issue.  He delivers a killer KO when Betsy is portrayed as ideally leaning towards her family, and the last few pages are well drawn by Greg Tocchini. His art doesn’t suit the majority of the issue but from the spine aka the trial towards the end, you warm to him a bit. Seeing X-Force thrown off-world on yet another mission makes a much-obliged pleasure of a read given that AvX and a Secret Avengers crossover is in the works! Leinil’s amazing covers also make for a lovely gander!(8/10)

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