Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: New Avengers #20

As inconsistent as Deodato was in this issue, even his shoddiest panels still look impressive by me. Bendis also shines with a snarky and well-transcribed issue built on an all-out brawl. It’s a slobberknocker and seeing the teams battle are well illustrated, especially when Osborn holds certain secretive aces. Ask Luke Cage, who tried looking up those sleeves but ended up looking down…face down. The thing that irks is the inept performance of the good guys, when they possess a lot of firepower. Norman doesn’t have that many powerhouses yet they overpower Wolverine’s companions with such ease. Cage’s team proves punching fodder as they bumble around.

Daredevil is not consistent with the Waid version and seems a forced palette here but Bendis as usual tries to make up with a smartly written Parker.

The biggest downfall is Strange and Iron Fist seeming underplayed. How could this good guy unit lose? Only Skaar should pose a potent threat yet anything Norman throws…wins. Seeing the good guys suffer here breaks down any semblance that Bendis built of them being a legitimate and credible threat to villains. There are many copious panels meant by Deodato for posing and glamour and with the quippy issue thrown at us, as dubious as it may be perceived, it still reels in to see how it ends. The final page here is enough to keep lured in at least till this arc ends. (7/10)

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