Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Moriarty #8

I really would like to love this comic as the premise is exciting. Moriarty comes back to life and tries to deal with the changes that took place in his absence.  But...the way that the writer re-imagined him as an exceptionally skilled fighter...does not sit well with me. 

I think it would complement the new Sherlock movies with Robert Downey Jr.  But I'm a little bit old school and I prefer my Moriarty to be a calculating genius that schemes and works behind the scenes and would only sully his hands when...the detective was involved.

I was not really drawn to the story too as I found it rather confusing.  Especially with the role reversals involved.  I was thinking as I was reading this, that this comic would have particularly benefitted with a recap page.  The art though is perfect for the mood that this story was going for. 

I say pick it up if you enjoyed the previous Moriarty series otherwise, you might not enjoy it coming in as a new reader like me.  

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