Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Hack/Slash #12

When I picked up this issue of Hack/Slash I already knew the basic formula when it comes to Cassie Hack and her ragamuffin cast that make up Hack/Slash Inc. There is a lot of things going on within this issue but it’s best to keep in mind this is basically a set up for the rest of the arc. Readers will basically be introduced to the setting and characters, which will surround the story contained within the next couple of issues cleverly named ‘Monster Baiting’.

Cassie is brought to an island by her eager to be part of the team comrade, Cat Curio, on a mission to investigate old time horror B-Movie troupe, the Monster Baiters, who are potential Nazis and worse, slashers. The main reason for coming to the island is to find a cure for Samhain the problem is that the movie monsters seen in the Monster Baiters films turn out to be more than just “Broomsticks tied together”.

The art in this book has been better but it’s also been worse and is mediocre at best. It won’t take anything from the story but at the same time don’t expect it to add anything exceptional. Cassie is being written as usual and if you’re used to her somehow charming Cynicism and realistic outlook in contrast to supporting characters you’ll still enjoy this issue even though I found myself missing Vlad.

Seeley does a good job setting up for the next issue leaving you with a killer turned slasher turned movie star hero as a potential new ally or threat, this in addition to the classic horror movie monsters ravaging the island makes for an interesting story arc 7/10.

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