Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Operation Broken Wings: 1935 #3

Operation Broken Wings 1936 opens in a German castle dungeon, so it is only fitting that that’s where we should return at the conclusion of the mini-series. Operation Broken Wings 1936 is a full tilt war/espionage story by Herik Hanna that’s as relentless in it’s pace as a rabbit on crack. Everything this series has been building up to explodes into this issue.

Operation Broken Wings 1936 #3 was a fitting end for an entertaining miniseries, with some truly awesome moments

. This including a scene with the, S.S. ("two divisions, three 50mm cannons, and a Panzer") swarming in on the main character, major, as he sits nonchalantly awaiting their arrival in a cafe. This final issue concluded the series perfectly, with Major finally being caught by the Germans. All is not lost though. For me, the book could only end one way, and for a while I thought it was going to take the softer route. In fact, it wasn’t until the very last page that I got the payoff I was wanting.

Trevor Hairsine’s art has me torn. Some of it, especially the couple of full page splashes, was glorious. Some of it looked like murky blobs of colour. I don’t remember Hairsine's work on Deadly Genesis looking like this. It suited the tone of the book, and was easy enough to follow, but the rough, murkiness of it all was little distracting at times. While the miniseries isn’t going to make it onto any 'best of' lists anytime soon, It was an entertaining little read.

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